If All You See…

…are trees that are drying out from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Not A Lot Of People Know That, with a post on the fake news that ‘climate change’ is killing forests in Germany.

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7 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Dana says:

    If it’s country girls week, how ’bout Gretchen Wilson singing Redneck Woman.

  2. Matthew Wall says:

    She scares the shit out of me.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    JP Morgan estimates the trump taxes (tariffs) will cost American households about $1000 per year.


    And here we thought China was paying the taxes to us.

    • Doom and Gloom says:

      You sir need to be onboard with these tarrifs. The Chinese are stealing our technology Blind. You hate big business and yet you say nothing about Google refusing to help the US military while working hand in hand with the Chinese all the while living in the USA and listening in to everything you say and do. 65 percent of all phones are Android. They have the most popular Browser now in Google Chrome.

      Yet you rail against Trump trying to take on China over this horrible practice of devaluing their currency to suck money out of the USA. Huwaei steals our technology at an amazing pace. They built stealth planes in 20 years. Hell even the Russians cant do that effectively yet.

      China with one click of a button can probably shut down the USA while they expand and sweep over Asia and indo China. Yet to you Trump is Hitler for trying to peacefully stop China from Raping the world blind with its subdued yet outlandish behavior.

      You sir should be ashamed no matter what your political leanings. China is the enemy of the world and not this peace loving country being bullied by Trump. There is now proof they are even using Social media to undermine Hong Kong and have been working on the USA for years.

      Get on the right team. Take on Trump for the 1000’s other things you dislike but CHINA and TRADE? Seriously it is perhaps the one thing he is doing right for this country that everyone should be on board with.

    • Kye says:

      Ah, the same guys who said Husseincare would save every American family $2500 per year. I’m still waiting for that bullshit prognostication.

  4. Doom and Gloom says:

    It is mind boggling to watch Shep Smith on Fox interviewing Chris Wallace asking him about the USA pulling out of the Missile deal as some egregious sin when Russia has been violating the treaty daily. Then Wallace responds by saying yeah but when that treaty was first signed CHINA was not even a player and now they are the most powerful adversary the USA has and has deployed 100’s of missile in Indo China and is hacking our technology.

    Shep smith replies heres what the president said about the hacking of our election.

    I kid you not. Then Shep smith rails against the president for not responding to the reporters accusation that Donald Trump was not elected legitimately as do you believe that. Then Shep Smith sounds like Rachael Maddow and Don Lemon against the president forcing Chris Wallace to be a REAL REPORTER and to report facts.

    The USA is doing quite a bit to secure the elections of 2018 and 2020. They are investigating the big social Media giants to which Shep Smith continues to rag on Trump as being out of touch when Wallace simply says….Trump is defending himself against 1000’s of these :”YOUR NOT THE LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT” Questions and behind the scene the government is doing a lot.

    YOU KNOW….real journalism. The son of Mike Wallace who was a democrat. Hell Wallace himself is a democrat but he REPORTS THE FACTS not shouts opinions.

    I lament the dead MSM. I lament FOX NEWS. In 10 years we will have an authoritarian government run by the MSM and Hollywood. Take it to the bank.

    • Doom and Gloom says:

      Oh yeah and since Google and Apple all built in CHINA and owned by China and hating on the USA can listen in to everything you say including you having sex with your wife because most of us put the phones by our bed…..Yeah when they all come for your GUNS and the nation is disarmed.

      Yeah when. When snowflakes and Proud boys alike realize that the social media giants and the internet is our 666 it will be too late.

      Google should be disbanded and broken up into at least a dozen companies and if they move to china which they would then the USA should do the same thing they did to Google you cant work with the USA and US at the same time and Google did the math.

      `1.3 billion Chinese or 350 million Americans. NO BRAINER. KISS OUR ARSE AMERICA>

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