HotCold Take: We Refuse To Ruin Our Lives Fighting ‘Climate Change’ Because Our Democracy Is Broken

Warmists would prefer an authoritarian government, I suspect. Seriously, have you ever noticed that all these Modern Socialists say our democracy is broken when they can’t get their way over the will of the People?

The US Can’t Fight Climate Change Until It Fixes Its Broken Democracy

… (a couple paragraphs on warming, which doesn’t prove anthropogenic causation)

As a society, we must act decisively to avoid the coming climate crisis by weaning ourselves off our dependence on fossil fuels and shifting to a carbon-free economy by mid-century. But despite growing public support for government intervention, the U.S. Congress has been unable to pass legislation that meaningfully addresses this issue. That’s for one reason: our system of governance is fundamentally flawed, and genuine change cannot happen as long as industry money lines pockets in Washington.

In other words, we cannot save our planet until we fix our broken democracy.

In 2009, ambitious climate legislation almost passed Congress with bipartisan support. South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham was even a co-sponsor. Yet, today, the most basic regulations to limit carbon emissions are politically dead-on-arrival. Indeed, the Republican Party now holds climate denialism as doctrine. Since 2010, no legislation to regulate carbon dioxide has gotten a single Republican co-sponsor in the Senate.

What has changed since Senator Graham acknowledged climate change? The leaders of a multibillion-dollar industry recognized that their livelihood was under threat, and they responded.

See, it’s those darned companies, comprised of people, which are the problem! How dare they petition the government, protest peaceably, and engage in Free Speech! We’re supposed to only listen to the climate cult companies which dump enormous amounts of money into campaigns!

The fossil fuel industry’s outsized influence is undemocratic. And it should trouble all Americans that profit-driven corporations have established an influence that works in direct opposition to the wellbeing of voters – both present and future – and their preferences.

Despite the circulation of special interest talking points, the vast majority of Americans support climate action, including Republican voters.

Do I have to mention that most climate cultists refuse to give up their own fossil fueled vehicles and travel? Or that most citizens refuse to pay more than $10 a month for ‘climate change’?

This inaction is fundamentally unfair to my generation.

The only way to prevent this injustice is to democratize campaign financing. As long as established industries hold overwhelming sway throughout Washington, our democracy will be compromised, and voters demanding climate action will be ignored.

Naomi Truax doesn’t explain what she means, but, diving into previous reading of mine, this means that the government funds all campaigns. There would be no donations to campaigns allowed. Some have even suggested that no outside money may be spent on politics. No ads or such in support or deterrence of policies or politicians. What could go wrong?

Is it necessary to mention that this would cause more problems for Democrats, who rely on all that money flowing from outside of states, from places like Hollywood, for state and federal elections? Without it, there would be no Alexandrai Ocasio-Cortez, who received the vast majority of monetary support from outside not only here district, but NY state. Stacy Abrams wouldn’t have even been close. Beto would have seen his senate campaign die early.

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3 Responses to “HotCold Take: We Refuse To Ruin Our Lives Fighting ‘Climate Change’ Because Our Democracy Is Broken”

  1. Dana says:

    If the problem is that our legislatures just don’t do what Our Betters tell them that they should, how does the author explain very blue Washington state having the voters themselves twice reject referenda which would have imposed carbon taxes to fight global warming climate change?

    Let’s face facts: to the left, when democracy does not provide what they want, the fault is with democracy.

    They’d be much happier with a government of ein volk, ein reich, ein führer.

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    Nothing is more apparent than the left THREATENING THE SUPREME COURT. OBAMA CHASTIZING THE SCOTUS for a ruling HE DIDNT LIKE.

    Their solution, pack the courts with more judges to ensure they get the rulings they want.

    That Is why I have personally boycotted Hollywood, Google, Apple, Its very easy to use Bing or Yahoo instead of google. Why anyone on the right would use google is mind-blowing when its so easy to use anyone of the other services.

    I do support YouTube and am praying the government will see the need to spin them off from Google.

    In Hong Kong they are protesting and waving American Flags and singing the national anthem. Why? I’m not sure anyone knows because the entire fukking media is covering CUOMO’s meltdown instead of the massive Riots and the dispatching of the Chinese Military to Hong Kong.

    Our press is into reality TV now. Its no longer the press. Hence why I support YouTube and pray the government forces Google to spin them off. A FREE and INDENPENDENT PRESS is the cornerstone to keeping our nation informed of the TRUTH and Democracy safe.

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