Small Business Owner In NJ Is Super Excited To Force Everyone Else To Pay $15 An Hour Like Him

They just keep trotting out this meme

I’m a small business owner, here’s why a $15 minimum wage works for us

Earlier this month, Gov. Phil Murphy presented a comprehensive vision to grow and restore confidence in New Jersey’s economy. Central to the governor’s plan is raising wages for Garden State workers — a noble idea.

As the founder and owner of a small business here in New Jersey, I not only understand the importance of paying workers a living wage, but I put that value into practice every single pay period.

At my company, Love2brew, we pay all of our employees at least $15 an hour – and it works.

I founded Love2brew in 2011 to share the joy of home-brewed beer and winemaking with enthusiasts across the country. My team entered the home-brew industry with an understanding that a high level of service and customer support would set us apart from our competition. As most small-business owners know, the quality of services offered creates loyalty to the products you sell.

And more expensive than most.

Since our founding, we learned that the best retention and performance came from team members who were earning at least $15 an hour. We saw this in their enthusiasm, focus and overall willingness to go the extra mile for every customer we serve. With that lesson learned, all Love2brew employees now make at least $15 an hour. We see this as a critical component to meeting and often exceeding our customers’ expectations of excellent service. Simply put, paying a living wage assures our team a level of personal and economic stability that translates into a passion for our purpose.

That’s quite a bit of money!

Raising our starting pay to over $15 an hour has supported our continued acceleration to a position of national leadership in our niche home-brew market. We did this all without having to raise prices on any of our 1,500-plus items. And make no mistake, Love2brew is still very much a small business with only three employees, but that hasn’t deterred us from paying everyone on our team at least $15 an hour. Supporting a $15 minimum wage isn’t only for large firms.

And the people probably deserve that money. I’d challenge owner Ron Rivers to purchase a fast food franchise or something where the skills needed are low, and see if he changes his tune. Because I’d bet his current employees are high skill. Someone making the products and the other things necessary to run Love2brew aren’t simply flipping/mircrowaving burgers and asking if you want to upsize that.

Of course, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is good for working families, too.

You can read the rest, but, what he wants is to force this by government. And what happens next? His skilled, valuable employees will realize that they deserve more than minimum wage. That they are better than someone dropping fries in oil. And will want more money. To do this, he’ll have to raise his prices. And customers might say “never mind, I can get this elsewhere.” Real world economics are a bitch.

Regardless, it’s his choice to pay $15 to start. Other professional companies do the same. Because of value.

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3 Responses to “Small Business Owner In NJ Is Super Excited To Force Everyone Else To Pay $15 An Hour Like Him”

  1. Dana says:

    His business, and he can do what he wants.

    Still, what happens when his now well above minimum wage workers suddenly find themselves earning the minimum wage?

  2. Mangoldielocks says:

    The left is screaming downhill with their hair on fire and the wheels coming off their wagon toward full blown socialism.

    Meanwhile. Merkel of Germany Resigned because of the nationalist populist movement. Italy swept populists into office.

    BRAZIL’s National Populist Party just landslide won national elections. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands have all abandoned their ideas of socialism in favor of strong free markets and Capitalism to pay for their healthcare. In those nations YOU ARE FORCED TO BUY HEALTHCARE, with your tax money.

    Now heres the thing everyone says oh their taxes aren’t that high. Having been a contractor in Denmark for a number of years I can tell you that the VAT makes up for a lot of sins. A Value Added Tax. TAxes the farmers ear of corn, taxes the fuel to pluck the ear of corn, taxes the truck to take the ear of corn to the silo, taxes the silo to maintain the ear of corn, taxes the truck that picks up the ear of corn, taxes the trip to the market, taxes the market for buying the ear of corn, taxes the owner for selling corn, taxes the purchaser for buying the ear of corn and the coup da Tat is that the end consumer then pays a tax for health care to compensate for eating that ear of corn. In other words they tell you what you can and cant eat.

    So yeah. The lefts headlong rush to socialism has been tried, over and over and over again and its failed. Capitalism is the only means of economics that works to any degree. So much so that even China adopted it, even though it is a hybrid with the government more involved in the markets than they should be which is why Trumps tarffifs on their goods is crushing them right now.

    Venezuela….Bankrupt. Cuba…Bankrupt. Denmark, Sweeden, Norway, Netherlands all abandoned socialism for capitalism to survive and by that I mean the People literally rebelled against paying 60 percent of their wages for socialist programs.

    Socialism is a failure. Everywhere its tried. Its failed.

  3. Mangoldielocks says:

    Interesting thing. Nancy Pelosi says IF they take the house back they might work with the Republicans on an Infrastructure bill. See heres the thing. They don’t care about inner cities unless somehow they can show they are the ones doing it. When Trump wanted to do Infrastructure the left walked away. Said nope. Let them rot.

    DACA. The GOP was willing to work with the Dems to help the DACA kids. The democrats said NOPE we don’t care about them unless we can get credit.

    Reason number 30001 to not vote for a democrat. They use their constitutents as pawns in a game of power to serve the uber global elites of their party.

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