Federal Judge: California’s Sanctuary State Law Doesn’t Apply To Chartered Cities

You may have read tweets and seen headlines and such about a federal judge declaring California’s sanctuary state law unconstitutional, but, it’s not quite that simple

O.C. Judge Rules California’s ‘Sanctuary State’ Law Does Not Apply to Huntington Beach, Other Charter Cities

A judge has ruled that California can’t require the city of Huntington Beach to follow a state law limiting local police collaboration with federal immigration agents.

Superior Court Judge James Crandall said Thursday that cities that create their own charters have a greater degree of autonomy, the Orange County Register reported.

The seaside city of 200,000 people sued the state earlier this year claiming the so-called sanctuary law interferes with its authority to enforce local laws and regulations.

California has argued that the state constitution makes charter cities — which number more than 100 and include large cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego — subject to the same state laws as other cities on matters of statewide concern.

Huntington believes this ruling applies to all chartered cities in California. The ACLU, of course taking the side of illegal aliens, stated that it only applies to Huntington. It might take another lawsuit to find out. But, you can bet that the chartered cities that oppose giving illegal aliens a free pass and are willing to work with federal immigration authorities will look at this ruling as freeing them to do both.

Huntington Beach has stated their police force would not be an immigration force, but, that they would work with said federal immigration authorities, which was restricted by California’s SB54. Other chartered cities are planning on filing briefs in support of their California constitutional rights to not have SB54 apply to them, especially ones in Orange County.

Anyhow, Trump should announce that ICE will not operate in the California capitol of Sacramento. That any illegal there would not have to worry. Let the city deal with the fallout.

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  1. Heltau says:

    That will get changed very quickly in mexafornia. Can’t have that going on, not being culturally enriched.

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