New Yorker Gives Away Game In Asking Why Republicans Haven’t Abandoned Brett Kavanaugh

I’m looking forward to the Friday vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh in the Senate Judiciary Committee, then the overall vote, for which the GOP confidence is growing. Dianne Feinstein isn’t even sure Dr. Ford will show up for the hearing on Thursday, especially as Ford’s team is issuing more demands, this time as to limiting the media covering the hearing. And then there’s this (via Twitchy)

From the link

That it has come to this—that a Supreme Court confirmation will hinge on whether a young man in the nineteen-eighties drunkenly degraded women or comported himself as a figure of Catholic chastity—represents a breakdown of the most successful effort of the Trump Administration, the confirmation of conservative judges. The program was simple: Trump chose judges screened by the conservative Federalist Society, the Republican Senate confirmed them, and Fox News supported them. The entire process could take place—as Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation did—within the conservative ecosystem. Democrats could oppose nominees, and the mainstream media could gripe about them, but none of it would matter. “Fake news” is, among other things, a declaration of a boundary that defines which information will and will not matter to Republicans. As late as Monday morning, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was insisting that, despite the accusations against Kavanaugh, the Senate majority would “plow right through.”

But, as Kavanaugh’s nomination has reached its critical moment, McConnell has not been in control of events. Ford’s allegations, first published in full in the Washington Post, compelled Senator Chuck Grassley, of Iowa, to reopen the hearings. Then the second set of accusations, from Ramirez, helped insure that MacCallum’s interview of the Kavanaughs was a real journalistic endeavor, not soft-focus rehabilitation, and forced Kavanaugh, on the record, to commit to a defense that requires a suspension of disbelief. The credibility of the accusations has compelled the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee, all men, to take the extraordinary step of handing over their authority to interrogate Ford to a female prosecutor, whom they so far have not named. This time, Republicans couldn’t seal off the process from pressure.

One obvious question is why the Republicans don’t simply abandon Kavanaugh. There are plenty of other conservative jurists, after all, and McConnell advised Trump against picking him in the first place. The answer may not be complicated. With the midterm elections drawing close, the President under investigation, and the Senate majority dependent on the narrowest of margins, “plow right through” is not a declaration of strength. It is an effort to manage political weakness.

A couple replies

The beginning of the article makes it clear that much of this really is about Trump Derangement Syndrome, but, if it was Jeb, Cruz, Marco, any Republican in office this would have occurred. And the New Yorker really gives the game away with the headline and article: this whole thing was designed to get Republicans to abandon Kavanaugh. To surrender to the Democratic Party smears, smears that have no actual evidence, no corroboration from witnesses, and no actual facts.

And the New Yorker itself blew out the narrative with their obvious hit job featuring Ms. Ramirez, and it was so bad that even other media outlets took it apart, probably realizing that it Was Not Helping.

Democrats, who claim they are the party of compassion, have attempted to destroy a good man and his family, all for their hardcore politics which would work better in Nazi Germany. Hey, if all sorts of Leftists are cool with trotting out Kavanuagh is Hitler talk, I’ll go with who Progressives really are.

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21 Responses to “New Yorker Gives Away Game In Asking Why Republicans Haven’t Abandoned Brett Kavanaugh”

  1. Mangoldielocks says:

    McConnell signaled they will have an up or down vote on Kavanaugh. Murkowski has signaled she is siding with the accuser. She is up for reelection in 2020.

    So the good thing is they will vote on him. The even better thing is he will be voted down by the Right. This will send a red wave to the polls in 2018.

    the right thing to do is to vote for this man and confirm him barring rock solid evidence and not some flimsy testimony by a woman who marches in the streets AGAINST TRUMP and is a far left whacko loon professor from the liberal loony bin that is called California.

    IN the end the right thing is to vote this man into office rather than succumb to accusations with no merit. Because as I have said before if the left wins this war then no man is safe ever again in the US of A. A mere accusation is all it will take to put any of us in jail, because 99 percent of us do not have the money to pay 100,000’s of thousands of dollars to stay out of jail.

    Our kids get pissed at us…..Your going to jail…he touched me. Your coworker wants your parking spot or job…..He fondled me….see ya….your going to jail right after we fire you.

    There will be no more men left in America because the movement that is ripping America apart is not black lives matter. It is This is our time movement with women walking around with pussies on their heads. And guess who is right in the middle of that movement.

    Christine Blassey Ford……………… The end is at hand for the men in America if the Democrats let this go on. If Independents vote for this bullshit, If Republicans fail to turn out in November.

    White lives no longer matter. MEN no longer matter if your not a sleaze bag democrat who can then fondle who ever you want. Hollywood doesn’t matter. The press doesn’t matter because you are ALL TARGETS of this angry, hateful movement by radical women who hate men, hate white men.

    Hate is driving the left. The very thing they accuse the right of peddling is their own source of power.

    VOTE on KAVANAUGH and if you ever wanted to do what is right for ALL AMERICANS of ALL POLITICAL STRIPES you will CONFIRM KAVANAUGH and if you dont then none of us are safe. Ever again.

    The one Caveat of course is if she can appear in the senate with rock solid proof this happened, then by all means the mans should not be confirmed.

    • Mangoldielocks says:

      Lets also be fair to both sides here. Right now the Senate staffers, many of whom are professional investigators hired to do background checks and to investigate allegations such as this are actively seeking the truth behind the scenes. Several senators have said so.

      The problem the right has is the left sat on this allegation for 7 weeks before revealing it at the last moment hoping to throw the vote past the deadline in which even if confirmed Kavanaugh would not sit in on this years, starting in October, hearings. The left wants the court to remain a 4/4 split until 2020 so no one who is ever put up by Trump even with the Republicans still in charge will ever stand a chance.

      So make no mistake. The left and right are both combing the trenches of Ford’s allegations. Hundreds of people are investigating. There is nothing to find because she never reported the incident to the police. Had she done this this would be a no brainer.

      The FBI does not and will not investigate for two reasons. One they can no longer be trusted with any kind of political football. The deep state FBI agents will find Kavanaugh guilty of colluding with the Russians and secretly laundering money from Moscow while sitting on the bench in DC.

      The second reason is obvious. This is a local matter.

      The Left wants the FBI to investigate for one reason. The rights refusal and Trumps refusal to order an investigation will look as if he is siding with the man over the woman when in fact the FBI has no authority in such matters. There are literally 100’s of staffers and tens of thousands of democrats trying to find that missing bit of incriminating evidence to convict Kavanaugh.

      They will end up with the same thing they have managed to find on Trump. Nothing. At least nothing they can use. Don’t you find it funny that a party obsessed with sex(Democrats) are aghast that Trump has sex, lies sex and pays for sex. Too funny.

  2. Jethro says:

    So criticizing a “good man” for possibly committing sexual assault, and questioning whether he should be on our Supreme Court is Nazi-like?

    The Republicans decided out of the gate that they wouldn’t question Kavanaugh and would just sweep him on to the Court. If a few Senators defect, it’s a win for the GOP in the upcoming election. If they don’t, Kavanaugh gets a lifetime of rewarding corporations at the expense of the working classes. It’s a win-win for Cons.

    • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

      …possibly committing sexual assault, …

      Don’t know if the little grandpa you should be using that phrase here.

    • formwiz says:

      No, DiFi knew this was specious and sat on it because she knew if it dragged out, it would fall apart. The guy has had 5 background checks by the FBI. If something bad was there, they would have found it.

      And most people don’t go around assuming a man sexually assaulted a girl in his teen years. Unless, of course, he’s a Democrat. Then he does it as long as he can.

      a lifetime of rewarding corporations at the expense of the working classes.

      Oh, yeah, right out of The Daily Worker. Blacks are exterminating themselves, thanks to the Lefties on the Court, and people like Jeffery are their Judas Goats.

    • Jethro says:

      A sworn statement was released from another victim of Kavanaugh who claims the ‘judge’ was involved in sex parties, including incapacitating girls for gang rapes.

      But just admit it, even if every allegation against Kavanaugh is true, conservatives would still want him confirmed. Sad.

      No wonder Mark Judge went into hiding. No wonder McConnell wants to get Kavanaugh confirmed.

      Let the FBI interview all the potential witnesses and make a report. If there’s nothing there, fine. If there’s credible evidence and corroboration, Kavanaugh gets to go back to his cushy life, and tRump gets to nominate someone fit to serve for a lifetime.

      • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

        A sworn statement was released from another victim of Kavanaugh …

        Another lie from the little fella.

      • formwiz says:

        You mean Creepy Porno Lawyer’s try?

        Good Lord, it’s more laughable than the other 2 combined. First, it assumes a college-age woman would go to high school parties. Second, it assumes she kept going back, knowing there were gang rapes going on (which holds her open to felony charges). Third, it never actually says Brother Bret did anything, just says she saw him and Judge (what is Avenatti’s thing with Mark Judge?) there.

        My God, you may be that stupid, but don’t expect anyone else to buy this nonsense.

        And BTW it’s going to be a mess if Dr I Can’t Remember does testify. Her lawyers have an opening statement and she sounds loopier than a roller coaster. And that doesn’t even include her “lie detector” test.

        PS The FBI has already said they don’t do this sort of thing. Or do you need som,ebody to take a baseball bat upisde yo haid?

        • Jethro says:

          Recall that Avenatti wouldn’t be involved except that our now “president” had sex with a porn star while his infant son was a few months old.

          His witness is ready to be interviewed by the FBI, where lying is a crime. Why does Kavanaugh refuse?

          No doubt Kavanaugh is now a “good Christian man” and turned his life around from the drunken abuser he once was. Good for him. But he clearly has lied to Congress and the American people and is unfit for our Supreme Court. tRump could have nominated a genuine conservative judge without Kavanaugh’s history of abuse. McConnell, a true political beast, warned your ‘president’.

          Kavanaugh displays the hubris of privilege. He knows what he had done, yet figured the ‘system’ would protect him. It worked for tRump.

      • Mangoldielocks says:

        her statement is carefully crafted to not implicate Kavanaugh other than to say he ran with a crowd who did this. She was raped by these gangs and yet her carefully crafted statement does not say HE RAPED HER. remember she is under oath.

        In my early days I ran with three guys from time to time that ended up in prision for 20 years each for shooting up a liquor star and armed robbery. I was home in bed the night they did that. Was I guilty of shooting up that store?

      • Nighthawk says:

        Yeah, by all means, have an agency that has already performed 6 background checks and missed gang rape drunken sex parties that happened for three+ years perform another because THIS time it will be different. You people are stupid.

    • ruralcounsel says:

      Key word there is “possibly.”+ What would you like to be criticized for because you “possibly” did something? Why should Kavanaugh be “abandoned” because of what his opponents say he “possibly” did?

      These women appear to be the Democratic Party equivalent of kamikaze pilots, willing to sacrifice themselves and their reputations in the vain hope of slowing down a confirmation until after a mid-term election. A wild gamble.

    • Mangoldielocks says:

      Let’s get real. Even progressives on YouTube are aghast at what the democratic party has become because they are so obsessed with power and the desire to force their wills on everyone that YES the left has become the very NAZI’s they are portraying the Right to be.

      No one should ever be allowed to do those things to a woman. But then no one should ever be taken seriously by making unsubstantiated and uncorroborated allegations either. In this country you are INNOCENT until proven guilty.

      Example of this. Look how long it took California the land of leftist loving loons to convict Bill Cosby after dozens came forward with the same story. Then he gets three years. IF you had done that it would have taken a few months and you would have gotten 30-40 years.

      Make no mistake my concern is not for Kavanaugh. It is for every man in America who can simply lose their life based upon a flimsy fabricated story made up from so long ago you couldn’t remember even if you want to. Can you remember parties you went to 35 years ago? I can’t.

      My argument is that the left has to stop this insane NAZI marching in the street and get back to working in the trenches to convince the voters theirs is a better way. Not brow beat opponents into submission which has been their plan for 10-15 years and you can see what has resulted.

      YOU GAVE US TRUMP. The LEFT gave American Donald J. Trump and his NATIONAL POPULIST MOVEMENT which is now sweeping EUROPE as well. But I digress.

      Nazi’s suppress rights. That is exactly what the left is doing so yeah. In this case the best thing the GOP can do is vote on Kavanaugh and confirm him for ALL MEN in America. Or if they vote which they will and he is voted down the RED WAVE will hit the polls in novemenber like you wouldn’t believe.

      PEW says the center left is disappearing all over the world. Latest polling has the GOP up by 5-6 points over Democrats and for the first time in forever the Republicans out poll the democrats in favorability.

      Do you think your tactic is working in winning back those lost seats in the house or congress? So yeah questioning Kavanaugh should have taken place seven weeks ago when the democrats first received this accusation. They should have had their 1000’s of investigators all over this man like flies on a turd. Instead the compassionate democrats sat on this sexual assault until it was politically expedient to pull it out with the white rabit.

      So go ask Alice if its ten feet tall.

  3. Jethro says:

    The GOP is in a hurry because they claim they don’t want a 4-4 deadlock in the Court. “It’s not fair to the people with cases before the court”, said a GOP Senator this AM.

    Although they engineered a 4-4 deadlock for almost a year by not hearing Merrick Garland.


    Kavanaugh may well be a “good man” now. Kudos for turning his life around. Unfortunately, if he’s put on our Court, Americans will lose faith in the system. Thanks GOPhers.

  4. formwiz says:

    No, he was probably always a good man, the child being father to the man; consider Willie Whitewater, the Mocha Messiah, Gropin’ Joe, Teddy Kennedy, and the rest of the Democrat heroes.

    Jeffery is just mad because the Demos’ smear campaign didn’t work for once and now, like Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch, there’s another Conservative on the Court with a few scores to settle.

    And Americans lost faith in the system when Lefties started using the Court to advance the Agenda.

    Your worst nightmare, punk.

    • Jethro says:

      tRump is able to nominate another conservative instead of Kavanaugh. But the vile efforts by the vile Republicans to ram Kavanaugh down America’s throat will not sit well with America.

      Why didn’t the left make “false” statements against Gorsuch? Probably because Gorsuch actually is a decent man.

      Do you think it proper that a Supreme Court justice “settle scores”?

      • formwiz says:

        Democrat politicians do it all the time.

        Wassa matta, baby? The reality of a lot of people ready to do to the Left what the Left did to them scare you?

        It should.

    • dachs_dude says:

      What’s worse for Jeffrey and his ilk, a Supreme Court that no longer legislates from the bench but interprets a law’s constitutionality, as the Supreme Court was designed to do.

      That means most of the more extreme and bizarre rulings of the court, Abortion is a “right” that MUST be funded by taxpayers, “Gay Marriage” is a right and non-participation, (remember when the gays said “no one will be forced to participate in a gay wedding”?), non-participation is against the law, (i.e. Bake The Cake!),; will stop coming and that the extreme left will have to actually argue their bizarre theories and laws before politicians and citizens.

  5. dachs_dude says:

    Jethro said: Why didn’t the left make “false” statements against Gorsuch? Probably because Gorsuch actually is a decent man

    No, because Gorsuch, a conservative, was replacing Anton Scalia, also a conservative, so there was still no difference in the balance of the court between Conservatives and Liberals.

    The difference here, which everyone can see including you, is that with Kavanaugh, Trump can replace a Liberal leaning judge with a Conservative leaning judge. Hence the Democrats hysterics, theatrics, protests, mobs attacking Cruz in a restaurant, mis-information and lies that are snapped up by their largely uneducated or indoctrinated members who, being informed by Colbert and others that Kavanaugh will be worse than Sharia for US women.

    Seriously, if this wasn’t political, would Feinstein sit on that letter for 7 weeks?? Are allegations of sexual assault only important is the one accused is about to take a position a great importance??

    GOP wave coming in Nov from these shenanigans by the Dems.

  6. RufusTBass says:

    This is nothing, a lark, a lovely stroll along a wooded path listening to delightful woodland creatures go about the day (think Snow White)—compared to what we’ll see go against the next SC nominee if Granny Ginsberg bites the dust before 2024. (Provided the Stupid Party keeps hold of the Senate).

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