Sanctuary City Of Portland, Oregon, To Devote $1 Million Towards Illegal Alien Legal Fees

Remember the utter freakout by Leftists over $10 million being shifted from FEMA to ICE a few weeks ago, despite the money having little to do with operations of FEMA? How about now?

Illegal Immigrants to Get $1M for Legal Defense From Oregon Taxpayers

The Portland City Council approved a $500,000 grant for potential deportees’ legal services, and Multnomah County is matching that amount.

A city official told Fox 12 that the funding, which is being called the “Universal Representation Project,” is for illegal immigrants and refugees who may not be able to afford an attorney during legal proceedings.

The grant money will go to Catholic Charities of Oregon, which will use the funds to hire attorneys and paralegals to represent potential deportees.

The Oregonian reported that the $500,000 from Portland will be drawn from the city general fund, which primarily pays for police, fire and parks operations.

Portland’s property crimes are up 11% from last year, and there are certain areas that are becoming dangerous for violent crimes, and vandalism is rising. It’d be nice if money for police, fire, and park operations wasn’t taken away to be used for people who shouldn’t even be in the U.S., much less Portland, eh? But, if the Leftists in Portland want this, well, they should keep their complaints about the police, fire, and parks to themselves.

On “Fox & Friends” on Sunday, former ICE supervisor Jason Piccolo said this move makes absolutely no sense.

He noted that the Justice Department already provides a legal orientation program that gives lawyers training so they can represent illegal immigrants pro bono.

“Every time an alien is encountered and arrested by ICE or through the Border Patrol, they’re provided a list of legal services, pro bono,” Piccolo said. “So, using taxpayer-funded money does not make any sense.”

Piccolo argued that this is just a political move that’s being made for the anti-President Trump, anti-ICE optics.

“Anything that counters President Trump is what the Democrats are going to do,” he said.

Well, yes, but, Democrats would do this no matter which Republican is in the White House.

And, I still maintain that Team Trump should put out statements such as “if you’re in Portland, Oregon, ICE will not come get you.” This way, places like Portland are overrun with illegal aliens, committing crimes, stealing identities, using up the social services, overrunning the school systems, and so forth. If they want the illegals, let them feel the pain from having the illegals.

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5 Responses to “Sanctuary City Of Portland, Oregon, To Devote $1 Million Towards Illegal Alien Legal Fees”

  1. JGlanton says:

    Only $1 Million? They really have a long ways to go to catch California cities at transferring taxpayer monies to illegal immigrants.

  2. Dana says:

    Now that there’s a number, I have to ask: just how do Portland’s taxpayers feel about having money taken out of their pockets to provide legal counsel for people who shouldn’t be there in the first place?

    • JGlanton says:

      They don’t have a choice and the politicians don’t care how they feel. The politicians do what they want to move their party forward and will take money by force to achieve that.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    It’s not about the immigrants. It’s about paychecks for immigration advocates and lawyers. This is how the left funds themselves from the treasury. There are plenty of leftist lawyers in California who could do this work for free on their weekends.

    • JGlanton says:

      There’s a lot of truth to that. The left is adding immigration to the multibillion dollar industry of entitlements for minority groups, indigenous peoples, women, gender groups, animals, and any other group they can exploit. Hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs are built around this industry, most of them in rent-seeking roles at all levels of government. Any threats to this parasitic lifestyle will surely be met with resistance, protests, slander, and ultimately violence. That’s the real reason that they bend over backward with a twist to pretend that “illegal immigrants” are “undocumented workers” that desperately need this industry and who should get full rights as citizens.

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