Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Isn’t Causing The End Of Coffee

Everyone can breath a deep sigh of relief and get back to slurping up vast amounts of delicious, delicious coffee (via Watts Up With That?)

Remember When Climate Change Meant The End Of Coffee? Never Mind

For roughly the last two years, the media has been warning us that climate change is threatening the world’s supply of coffee beans.

According to the hypothesis, growing conditions for coffee will no longer be suitable in many places, and plagues and pestilences will destroy the crops. If that doesn’t kill off coffee, then the lack of pollinators will.

As usual, the media wasn’t shy in its headlines. The New York Times bluntly stated “Climate Change Threatens World’s Coffee Supply, Report Says.” TIME magazine took it a step further: “Your Morning Cup of Coffee Is in Danger. Can the Industry Adapt in Time?” Newsweek, in its typical “dial-it-up-to-11” editorial style, wrote, “Climate Change Effects Could Mean the End of Coffee Beans.”

That’s right. The end of coffee beans. We’ll have to drink tea. I shudder to think of it. Even Popular Science got in on the action: “Climate change will make your coffee cost more and taste worse.”

Thankfully, these are all testable hypotheses. The world has been getting warmer over at least the past few decades, so coffee production should be decreasing, and coffee prices should be going up. Are they?

Nope. According to a new report by the Financial Times, prices for coffee beans have hit a 12-year low. But that’s only taking into account recent data. If we look all the way back to the beginning of time (which, in this case, is the 1970’s), we see that the highest coffee prices, just under $3.40 per pound, occurred in April 1977. Today, the coffee price is about 93 cents per pound.

In fact, many coffee farmers are turning to production of cocaine because the low prices. And, notice that no one is complaining about the lack of coffee beans, nor the taste, despite even more use of coffee. In fact, you’re seeing record crops.

But, do not think reality will make a difference to Cult of Climastrology talking points, because they will keep trotting out the doomy talking points ad nauseum.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: ‘Climate Change’ Isn’t Causing The End Of Coffee”

  1. JGlanton says:

    Is there any topic where leftists and environmentalists are not extreme over-the-top exaggerators? Whether it is climate, environment, judge nominations, org. funding, elections, its “ZOMMYGAWD!!! people and animals and plants are going to DIEEEE!!!!!”. How can anyone give credit to anything they say?

    Yesterday a friend linked this article on Facebook that shows a bunch of dead bald eagles and said that eagles face certain extinction if something isn’t done now to stop their lead poisoning from bullets. I’m skeptical, because I remember as a kid how there were almost no bald eagles and today I see them everywhere, even showing up on house roofs and telephone poles when I was back east last year. So I read this article and its a bunch of unsourced science, unsubstantiated claims, poor logic, fear mongering. And I find it is repeated in dozens of sites all over the internet. There probably is some truth about the dangers of lead poisoning somewhere in there, but it took me 30 seconds to find this chart that shows the immense rise in bald eagle populations:


    That’s an opposite story from exinction.

    aving collected the most recent census data from state and federal bald-eagle managers in each of the lower 48 states and the District of Columbia, the Center for Biological Diversity has determined that the 2007 bald eagle population is approximately 11,040 pairs. This is a nearly 1,300-pair increase from the 2006 estimate released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in May 2007. The bald eagle’s spectacular return from 417 pairs in 1963 is one of the world’s great conservation success stories.

    • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

      But, but there us still work to be done!
      Save the Puppies, wingnuts!
      Trump is destroying them as we speak!


  2. Jl says:

    The end of coffee, the end of snow in England…….whoops…

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