Bottom Up Is The Way To Go On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

You may be thinking “bottom up? So, Warmists will finally start making their own lives carbon neutral voluntarily?”


The world has decided bottom-up is the way it’s going to stop climate change

At the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco this week, the crisp Pacific air was filled with promises of less carbon. No one making those promises mentioned national governments. (snip)

With the US government all but out of the game (for now), the action is going local. The world seems to have decided that bottom-up is the way to stop climate change. “It’s remarkable seeing what is actually happening on the ground,” says David Waskow of the World Resources Institute. “It’s a network model for taking climate action.”

But is it enough? Governor Brown and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg argue it’s close. The two lead America’s Pledge, a local climate action group with more than 3,000 U.S. cities, states, businesses and other groups attempting to deliver on America’s goal of a 26% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2025 under the Paris Agreement. (Despite president Donald Trump’s pledge to withdraw the US from the agreement, he can’t legally do so until November 2020). America’s Pledge now claims it’s within “striking distance” of fulfilling the US climate commitment. The group hopes enough momentum at every level of society may stymie federal efforts to stop progress on slowing climate change.

What they mean by bottom up is cities, counties, and states forcing the citizens and private entities to Do Something, usually in the form of taxes/fees, reduction of liberty, and job killing mandates. All why the governments and the people who push all this stuff refuse to mitigate their own carbon footprints.

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3 Responses to “Bottom Up Is The Way To Go On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. alanstorm says:

    Are any of these brain-dead twerps aware of how the US has cut carbon emissions more than any other country?

    What a silly question.

  2. Mangoldielocks says:

    You Tube is full of refutations of global warming. I think your starting to beat a dead horse. Its the least worrisome problem facing the world according to most polling. 36,000 plus scientists have signed a petition stating the science is not settled including 1000’s with phds.

    Dozens upon dozens of scientists have come forward from NASA telling us it is nothing but a global scam.

    The goal posts continue to keep moving in how they measure the temperature of the world. They have actually been quoted as saying WHY would we give you our data only to have you try to prove it wrong.

    I mean this alone is cause for everyone including those who are ardent supporters to have pause. You are afraid your conclusions based off your data might be proven wrong therefore you wont give us the data?

    Game over. The people of the world minus the elitists who want trillions of dollars for their own cabal are no longer fooled. It is only the elitist and those that believe global population is the real planet killer but how can you tell people to stop having kids? You cant. So what you do is you have this people move into your country and start repopulating your nation like rabbits and voile by the year 2100 there will no longer be an EU and a North America.

    That is and always has been their plan. Redistribute the wealth but in a very deceptive way, by open borders and the repopulation of nations forcing sterilization on the planet and who do you think the elitists will sterilize first? It wont be those Cabalists but rather the perpetrators they used to carry out their plan.

    Just like the left does not give a shit about women or blacks or muslims except for one important reason. THEIR VOTES. Well in this case those women who believe the left cares about them will be facing sterilization programs in the next 50-75 years. Its never been about global warming, its always been about depopulating the planet.

  3. JGlanton says:

    Another thing they mean by “bottom up” is astroturfing, where millions of dollars from billionaires and large leftist organizations are use to develop networks of local organizations and to orgaanize national campaigns and events. Then they all pat each other on the back and smell their own farts and declare their moral high ground for their grassroots local organizing.

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