Hurricane Florence Is Not Fun

Of course, if you’ve ever been through one, you understand. The highest reported wind gust was 47 at Raleigh-Durham airport, and there is a constant wind of at least 15 mph, if not more. There have been periods of heavy, heavy rain. I have a 10 gallon fishtank sitting on the back deck, haven’t gotten around to re-sealing it yet. It probably has about 2-3 inches of water in it, but, factor in that the gravel is still in it.

Power was off for a bit, since around noon or so. We decided that it was worthless being open at work, got home around 230, many roads were flooded (and dumbasses were still blowing stop signs and red lights). Front porch light was on, looked a little sketchy, like the power wasn’t flowing enough, then went out. Tried to take a nap, power came back on around 330. Had a couple peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, power went back out. Flickered a few times, then out. Too sugared up to go back to sleep, too windy and rainy to take a walk.

Power is back up now. We’ll see if it lasts. Give it up to Walmart, they must have been sitting on huge stockpiles of Coleman 2 burner propane camp stoves. Purchased on yesterday just in case with 2 little propane tanks. I have yet to open it, if I do not need it, I’ll return it. Though, considering keeping it for that once in a blue moon time when we lose power for days.

So, just a quick update, in the event the power goes back out. Seems like the lights are a bit lower than they should be. From the TV, though, I see much, much worse in areas like Wilmington, and I know the further south you go from Raleigh the worse it gets. Talk about whatever you want.

Oh, and of course we have to have

545pm Power went out about 5 minutes after I posted this. Back on for the moment

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7 Responses to “Hurricane Florence Is Not Fun”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    Hurricanes are not fun because of the uncertainty.

    Once they pass, at least you know what has to be done and where you are sitting.

    Waiting is the hard part.

    Glad to hear that you are okay.

    Stay in touch.

    • True, it was the leadup that was the hardest, wondering where it would go. It easily could have been Raleigh seeing the eye pass just to the west of us. Having to get prepared. Once it starts it’s a different type of anxiety, but it’s one knowing that the storm is here.

  2. Jl says:

    “Climate change is contributing to more extreme hurricanes…” Yes, your SUV pumped this one all the way up to Cat1.

    • Dana says:

      Jim Cantore, the Weather Channel’s supposedly studliest reporter, was broadcasting from Carolina this morning, while standing in lower calf deep water, battling the wind and rain. But, in the background was a wide concrete walkway which was above the level of the water, with a secure concrete and steel railing. Maybe it wouldn’t have made for as good a television had Mr Cantore used the walkway and the railing, but if they were going to fake it, maybe it’d have been smarter to not have that stuff in the background.

      • I had the Weather Channel on yesterday morning, and he was broadcasting from Wrightsville Beach (which is where I usually go). There were two people way behind him, and one was just scratching the side of his butt. And scratching. And scratching. Was hilarious.

  3. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    We decided that it was worthless being open at work,

    ‘Twas last century, of course, but I was the senior manager at our main concrete plant, when a hurricane was coming upon us. The rain was pouring down, the wind was blowing, you know the deal. Normally, the business and dispatch offices were open until 5:00 PM, but sometime around 3:30, I took the decision and sent everybody home. Why? Not only would it help the employees, to get headed home before rush hour, but there was no work getting done; all that anyone was doing was talking about the weather.

    The vice president was displeased with me for my decision, and let me know it the following day, but my decision was the right one.

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