Bummer: Climastrology Models Fail To Account For CO2’s Impact On Life

It’s always some sort of doomsaying with these people

Climate models fail to account for CO2’s impact on life, scientists say

Increasingly, climate scientists are calling for climate models to focus more on CO2 levels and less on temperature.

In a new study, researchers from the University of Exeter contend warming could slow even as a rise in CO2 accelerates. Not only do current models mostly ignore this reality, study authors suggest they also fail to account for CO2’s myriad impacts on biology — on life.

The thing about warming slowing (not that a 1.5F increase since 1850 is particularly fast to start with) even though CO2 continues to rise is something that’s been making its way around, as yet another excuse for the climate failing to comply with existing computer models. Oh, and the notion that CO2 tends to go up after the temperature rise, not the other way around. But, doom

Because current models use too narrow a range to describe future CO2 concentration, predictions tend to ignore the gas’ impact on plants and animals.

“Higher CO2 concentrations cause increased growth in many plant species,” Exeter researcher Richard Betts said in a news release. “This causes a general ‘greening’ of vegetation, but also changes the makeup of ecosystems — some species do better than others. Slower-growing large tree species can lose out to faster-growing competitors.”

Higher CO2 levels can also cause plants to use less water, which can diminish the impact of droughts on local ecosystems.

“Both of these factors can potentially enhance crop yields, possibly helping to offset some of the negative impacts of climate change — although even if that happens, the nutritional value of the crops can be reduced as a result of the extra CO2,” Betts said. “Rising CO2 also causes ocean acidification which is damaging to corals and some species of plankton.”

See? It can make plants grow more, bigger crops, but, that’s not a good thing or something. They always have to find a way to push doom. And then they wonder why people tune out.

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