‘Climate Change’ Hits Production Of British Crumpets

This is horrible, people, horrible!

(CNN) British baking giant Warburton’s has been forced to pause production of crumpets at two of its factories amid the ongoing carbon dioxide (CO2) crisis.

The UK’s largest producer of crumpets had no choice but to halt output after it ran out of the gas, which it uses in its packaging to extend the shelf life of the product.

Similar to English muffins, crumpets are a staple of the British breakfast table or afternoon tea — small savory griddle cakes that are toasted and doused in butter.

“As a result of the ongoing CO2 shortage, we are producing nowhere near the 1.5 million packs of crumpets we usually make each week and have had to suspend production at a number of our bakeries,” said Tearmh Taylor, corporate and consumer affairs manager at Warburtons.

Right now, they’re operating at about 50% of production. There’s also a big problem with production of some beers and soda, along with dry ice to be used as a refrigerant, causing problems with deliveries of things that need to be kept cold, such as ice cream and meats.

The baker is the latest victim of the growing CO2 crisis that has greatly impacted food and drink production in the UK in recent weeks.

The bubbles that make beer and soda fizzy are actually byproducts from ammonia production used in fertilizer industry. Over the summer, several major ammonia plants in Europe have closed for maintenance, which in turn, sparked the shortage.

There are a couple other explanations, such as a big reduction in output due to harvest time being over

(Phys.org) It detailed a combination of scheduled maintenance at plants across northern Europe and market forces undercutting production of ammonia, a key component of fertilizer. Industrial CO2 is an offshoot that is used widely in food and beverages.

What no one seems to be noting is that the EU and individual European nation’s ‘climate change’ laws have hit the production hard, since there are limits on what companies can do if they’re producing greenhouse gases such as ammonia and carbon dioxide. And no one wants to say it, because then citizens might realize that the bad parts of dealing with Hotcoldwetdry will actually him them in their own lives.

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