Trump’s Weekly Address: Detain, Prosecute, And Remove Illegal Aliens

This should make the supporters of illegal immigration unhappy. Say what you will about Trump’s personal faults, the guy is saying the things that we all know. Transcript via Breitbart, which also has the video

“Our country is currently facing a crisis of illegal immigration on our southern border. Democrat-supported loopholes in our federal laws have enabled roughly half-a-million illegal immigrant family members and minors from Central America to be released into the United States since 2014, at unbelievably tremendous taxpayer expense.

While illegal aliens can only be held for a period of days or weeks, it can take years to move their cases through the legal system to actually try to send them back to their home countries. It is a ridiculous process. For example, of the removal orders issued for unaccompanied alien children over a recent two-year period, 90% were done in absentia, that means they weren’t there and they never showed up for their removal hearing. What else is new?

Catch and release is great, isn’t it?

The United States could not have an open border to every illegal alien family and minor on the face of the earth. We must have rules. We must have laws. And we must enforce those laws. The driving factor in the surge of illegal families and minors is the belief that there will be no consequence for illegal entry and no likelihood of removal or reprisal.

Unfortunately, open border Democrats support the loopholes that prevent families from being detained and removed together. They just want everyone to be released into our country, no matter how dangerous they are. They can be killers. They can be thieves. They can be horrible people. The Democrats say it’s okay for them to be in our country. I don’t think so.

Congress and Congress alone can solve the problem, and the only solution that will work is being able to detain, prosecute, and promptly remove anyone who illegally crosses the border. Remember this, we need Democrat votes. Without the Democrats constantly obstructing, there’s no way you can do it. Without having Democrats voting, there is no way you can get this done. So, the Democrats are obstructing. The Democrats don’t want border security. The Democrats are okay with crime, but we’re not okay with it. We need Democrat votes. Without it, frankly, nothing can be done.”

No, Democrats do not want to do that. Nor do some of the Republican squishes. We can’t take in every person, regardless of age, who shows up at the border, and many are showing up with children, who sometimes aren’t even theirs, in an attempt to gain sympathy. Not everyone is a refugee seeking asylum. I’m sorry, some of their nations are crummy, but, we can’t be responsible for everyone who decides to bail and head for the U.S. border (wanting shelter, food, clothing, education, welfare, jobs, the U.S. to take care of the kids, all while refusing to learn the language and demanding we change for the illegals).

Everyone has a story. Some of them are true sob stories, other’s are just magnifying it or making it up. In case people forget, there are Americans who need help, too. The responsibility of the federal, state, county, and local governments is to take care of American citizens first.

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4 Responses to “Trump’s Weekly Address: Detain, Prosecute, And Remove Illegal Aliens”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Oh my!

    Restaurant That Booted Sanders Closes the Next Night

  2. formwiz says:

    Love their huffy little email, “We would like to avoid exposing our patrons to any potential unpleasantness from outside entities”.

    So now we’re not only Deplorables, we’re carriers.

    And it’s spreading.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Gov. Mike Huckabee
    Bigotry. On the menu at Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington VA. Or you can ask for the “Hate Plate”. And appetizers are “small plates for small minds”

  4. david7134 says:

    Using the logic of the liberals, certain people can return to the segregation policies of the 50s. That is because 95% of blacks voted for Obama. That is very offensive as Obama was the worst president we ever had. So now blacks can be excluded on the basis of their politics. Doesn’t seem right to me but this comes from the minds of the liberals communist.

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