Surprise: Excitable Bill McKibben Says ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Not An Environmental Issue

Ever so slowly, the high mucky mucks in the Cult of Climastrology are revealing what this who thing is about

Catastrophic Climate Change Is Not an ‘Environmental’ Issue: Bill McKibben

It’s the most crucial security question that humans have ever faced: catastrophic climate change. Bill McKibben says it’s too late to halt global warming, but we still have a chance to curb it in ways that ultimately avoid “civilizational destruction.”

What follows at The Nation is a podcast which describes what McKibben seems to be saying in his The Nation article

Climate Change Is Our Most Critical National-Security Challenge

Progressive American politicians must embrace the necessity of dramatic action on climate change as a touchstone. So far, Senator Bernie Sanders has done it the most persuasively, campaigning on addressing climate change, health care, racial justice, and economic inequality as his unvaried quartet of issues, invoked in every speech and backed up with serious legislation that shows a willingness to move with real speed. Other party leaders will back him on one bill or another, and scientists and engineers are now running for office. Seriousness on climate change needs to be a qualification, not an afterthought, for anyone who wants to run for president. Because it’s not an environmental issue; it’s the most crucial security question that humans have ever faced.

And what Bill recommends to solve this is, I know you’ll be surprised, more and more Big Government control and more taxes and fees.

So if and when the United States emerges from the Trump era, and if and when progressive politicians really embrace climate change as a core issue in tandem with race, gender, immigration, and inequality, we will have a chance for something new: an activist government whose task, alongside those of China and Europe, will be to help lead in a very different direction the planet that we’ve done the most to pollute. If there’s any reason for a superpower, it’s got everything to do with… power.

So, ‘climate change’ is pretty much a stand-in for every other far left notion, which always seem to increase the size and power of centralized government. Which is what is being proposed through this very, very long and roundabout The Nation article by Alyssa Battistoni, which seems to be pushing authoritarian, even dictatorial, government in order to solve the “climate crisis.”

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