Witches Unite In D.C. For Gun Control, Hurl Curses

No, this isn’t about Hollywood gun grabbers (like Alyssa Milano) and elected Democrats (Kamala Harris) going to D.C. to protest, wanting to make sure that Other People can’t have firearms to protect themselves and their families, while being surrounded by armed protection people, as well as hurling epithets. Nope

D.C. Area Witches Unite for Gun Control, Hurl Curses at the NRA

Gun control advocates can now boast of a new group of allies joining their dubious coalition: witches.

It kind of makes sense.

We all know that gun control is based mainly on magical thinking.

Its advocates, after all, ask us to believe we’re just a few more “commonsense safety measures” away from a world in which evil people who are otherwise determined to kill others refrain from doing so for fear they might violate a gun control law somewhere along the way.

A related premise is that gun control advocates hold the keys to ending violent behavior once and for all, if only the NRA would release its stranglehold on elected officials and taxpayers would pony up the money for “studies” to substantiate their agenda.

According to website wildhunt.org – which features “modern pagan news & commentary” – “documentary filmmaker” Patrick J. Foust has captured a “spellbinding on Donald Trump and the NRA” led by self-described witch David Salisbury.

Foust said he was inspired to make the film, which he’s dubbed The Binding, after seeing news footage of witches conducting a similar ritual on President Trump shortly after his inauguration.

The Binding’s titular event features Salisbury and seven other witches surrounding a table festooned with, among other things, a cauldron sitting atop a pentacle, as well as “a five-dollar bill painted red — to symbolize blood — and a piece of paper with the huge block letters ‘NRA.’” Salisbury stridently hurls curses at those he characterizes as “merchants of mayhem, profiteers of pain, dealers of death,” who “fatten on the blood of innocents and feast like demons on their corpses!” He continues, “May your thoughts and prayers turn to poison in your mouths.”

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One Response to “Witches Unite In D.C. For Gun Control, Hurl Curses”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    …if only the NRA would release its stranglehold on elected officials and taxpayers would pony up the money for “studies” to substantiate their agenda.

    In America, you are always free to use your own money to produce studies that support your political goals. But in America, the left has gotten used to other people paying their salaries. It is one of the most brilliant things the communists ever devised, using the EPA to get private businesses to fully fund environmental studies that will be used to stifle the business that funded them. And the money for studies ALWAYS goes to some accredited university or environmental group so the businesses end up funding (extravagantly funding) the communists who want to shut those businesses down. It has always been just another gravy train that the non-producers ride and the producers pull.

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