Hawaii Enacts Law To Become Carbon Neutral By 2045 Or Something

Good luck with that, Sparkys!

(Daily Caller) Hawaii pushed through some of the most environmentally ambitious bills in the country, becoming the first state to set a carbon neutral goal of 100 percent.

Hawaii Democratic Gov. David Ige signed three bills into law this week that aim to make the island state carbon neutral by 2045 and set other climate change standards. HB 2182 establishes the carbon neutral goal and creates the Greenhouse Gas Sequestration Task Force. HB 2106 requires project proposals go through a sea level rise analysis before it can move forward. Additionally, HB 1986 establishes a reforestation program as a means to address carbon sequestration — the planting of more trees will be a major part of reaching their goal.

“Climate change is real and we’re seeing its impacts right now in our island state. Taken together, this suite of bills establishes policies and programs that acknowledge and address this reality,” Ige said in a Facebook post Monday after signing the bills into law. “Sea level rise is already having an impact on beaches, roadways and homes near the shoreline. As a result, we face difficult land-use decisions, and requiring an analysis of sea level rise before beginning construction is just plain common sense.”

It’d take some serious shenanigans to make this happen. They’d have to completely ignore the fact of the island depending heavily on tourism, which comes with tons of fossil fueled flights arriving at the island. Then all the helicopter tours. The fossil fueled vehicles to move vacationers around. The massive amount of power required to run all the hotels and everything that tourists want to do. All the fossil fueled boats needed to catch fish and provide tourists with fishing expeditions. Think tourists will come when so much of that goes away? When the power grid is unreliable?

How about the fact that almost everything that makes Hawaii go comes in on fossil fueled flights and ships? Food, medicine, steel, all sorts of products. The islands can’t survive on fish, sugar, and pineapples.

Will the state simply put carbon offsets in place for everything? Which would massively increase the cost of living for residents, and dramatically increase the cost for vacationers? People already attempt to grow lots of their own food because food prices are two to three times the cost on the mainland. Think tourists will want to pay even more?

If the state really cares, they’ll only allow people to arrive on sailing ships.

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7 Responses to “Hawaii Enacts Law To Become Carbon Neutral By 2045 Or Something”

  1. Jl says:

    Hawaii is run by Democrats, right? It figures.

  2. tdothen says:

    I don’t suppose they have taken into account the pollutant-spewing VOLCANO on the big island???

    • Oldav8r says:

      I came here to note that. Kilauea has put more carbon into the atmosphere in the last week than Hawaii can offset in a lifetime. And that’s if they all go back to living in hales.

      • Jeffery says:

        Can you support that claim?

        • formwiz says:

          Can you not?

          • Jeffery says:

            We didn’t make the obviously false claim. This is how deniers circulate disinformation.

            Science deniers used to make the similar claim that volcanoes puffed more CO2 into the atmosphere than humans burning fossil fuels.

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