Good Grief: CNN Pimps Children’s Book About Santa And His Husband

If you thought that is was just Warmists, Progressive nutbags (who still demand their paid day off), and hardcore-athiests who try and ruin Christmas, well, nope. (via Twitchy)

From Newsbusters

On CNN’s New Day Sunday, the show devoted a four-minute segment to the new children’s book, Santa’s Husband, which portrays Santa Claus as a gay man who gets married to another man. The segment included as guests the author, Daniel Kibblesmith, and illustrator Ashley Quach, with Kibblesmith recalling that he was partially inspired to write the book because of the complaints that are made each year about a “war on Christmas.”

At 6:12 a.m. ET, CNN co-anchor Christi Paul plugged the interview: “There’s a new children’s book out this Christmas — takes us inside Santa’s wedding. We meet Santa’s husband David. We’re going to talk to the author and illustrator ahead.”

And it included this segment, where co-host Victor Blackwell makes a point

You know this is a lot for some parents — some people may not agree with it. Let me read one of the criticisms here.

“I’m a gay man, and honestly the book is pretty patronizing and obviously meant to take two sweet things, the image of Santa Claus and love between two adults, and use them as a tool to express a political opinion in a polarizing way — especially the news anchor scene — in the guise of a children’s book. I find it overall patronizing, and I’m a little disgusted that the authors obviously used homosexuality as a political weapon to make a political statement under the cover of children.”

Listen, the elves have health care coverage, they settle labor disputes, you address climate change, Rudolph and Frosty attend Santa and David’s wedding. I mean, are you using a children’s book to push a political ideology, Daniel?

It is patronizing, and does use kids.

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2 Responses to “Good Grief: CNN Pimps Children’s Book About Santa And His Husband”

  1. Hank says:

    I got an idea for a book with a “new twist.” How about portraying Mohammed as a gay transsexual? Or perhaps Marx or Lenin?

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