Democrats Attempted To Block Bill Allowing Wheelchairs On Federal Lands

Apparently, the disabled rank rather low on the hierarchy of things Democrats care about

(Daily Caller) Democrats tried unsuccessfully Thursday to sink a bill that would allow bikes, game carts, strollers and wheelchairs in federally protected wilderness areas.

The legislation, introduced by GOP Rep. Tom McClintock of California, was passed through the House Natural Resources Committee during a markup on 15 separate bills. McClintock’s bill originally gave motorized wheelchairs and many non-motorized, wheeled devices full access to wilderness areas, but it was amended to allow area’s managing agency to reject or restrict the use of certain devices.

“Public lands should be open to all Americans,” GOP Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah, chairman of the committee, said in a statement. “It is shocking to see self-proclaimed defenders of public lands in Congress vote to perpetuate a permanent ban on bikers, parents, the disabled, or certain hunters from accessing public lands.”

Democrats would prefer the disabled not be allowed to witness the majesty of nature on the lands that are owned by We The People

Democratic Rep. Niki Tsongas of Massachusetts criticized the bill for not appropriately balancing the public’s access with the environment’s protection.

“We must work to find a balance between compelling, yet sometime competing interest,” Tsongas said. “This requires balancing access for high impact recreation activities, like mountain biking, and those simply seeking solitude in some of our nations wildest and most remote landscapes.”

I guess the sound of wheelchairs annoys Ms. Tsongas. Or maybe it’s the sight of wheelchairs.

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14 Responses to “Democrats Attempted To Block Bill Allowing Wheelchairs On Federal Lands”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Do you know what Wilderness Areas are?

    Typical Con Man. No one trusts Republicans anymore. The Congressman could have proposed a bill to allow wheelchairs but did not. He could have proposed a bill to allow the disabled access (as is Missouri for disabled hunters), but he did not. Why not?

    Apparently, Republicans use the handicapped to advance their goal of opening Wilderness Areas to development.

    Mountain bikes on Wilderness trails? Game carts? If you’re fit enough to hunt the wilderness you should be man enough to haul out your trophy. What’s next? 4 wheelers and dirt bikes? Oil company surveyers? Why not build asphalt paths all through the Wilderness Areas?

    How can the Dems block anything? The GOPers control the House, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Courts and most of the State Houses.

  2. Jeffery says:

    Whenever a Republican proposes to help America’s disadvantaged, it’s time to pull back the curtain and see what they really want.

  3. Stosh says:

    Many of the disabled are vets, so of course the Dems want to kick the crutches out from under them.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Isn’t it amazing that liberals and Democrats hate disabled people to the point where even though there is no cost to anyone other than the person, they want to ban disabled people from enjoying the same recreational activities that non-disabled people enjoy?

    Liberals: hating groups one at a time to serve their agenda of everyone bowing to them.

  5. Jeffery says:

    Do you “guys” understand what Wilderness Areas are? We didn’t think so.

    The goal of the GOPers is to eliminate Wilderness Areas so that businesses can exploit the resources there. This is just the start.

    For the Con Man there is no lie to extreme to further their cause*.

    *To subjugate Black people, women, the handicapped, gays, Muslims, immigrants AND to service their masters, the Wealthy.

  6. gitarcarver says:

    Do you “guys” understand what Wilderness Areas are? We didn’t think so.

    We do understand it, Jeffery.

    But as long as people can enter into wilderness areas, the disabled should not be kept out because you and people of your ilk want to keep people under your thumbs.

    • Jeffery says:

      Clearly you don’t understand.

      • gitarcarver says:

        And clearly you are for discriminating against people that don’t look and act like you.

        • Jeffery says:

          You still don’t understand what Wilderness Areas are, do you? Yet you are willing to prattle on. Lonely much?

          So you are for absolute license at all times?

          Are you for discriminating against people who ride motorcycles, ATVs and SUVs on Wilderness mountain trails?

          Are you for discriminating against skateboarders riding in shopping centers?

          Are you for discriminating against loud boomboxes on airplanes?

          Are you for discriminating against children who wish to purchase cigarettes?

          Are you for discriminating against poor people cutting down trees in public parks for firewood?

          Are you for discriminating against dog owners letting their dogs run free in the park?

  7. Jl says:

    “GOP wants to eliminate wilderness areas….”. Drama Queen Alert!

  8. Sarthurk says:

    What I worry about , is, that if wheelchairs are allowed on wilderness trails, that the handicapped accessibility laws would have to be followed.

    Handicapped access to the top of Mt. Jefferson.


  9. Fargo says:

    Mountain bikes on Wilderness trails? Game carts? If you’re fit enough to hunt the wilderness you should be man enough to haul out your trophy.

    Pretty obvious you have never hunted before. I can only surmise that you are an urban warrior by your response to this post.

    • Jeffery says:


      Why are you always so hateful?

      I hunt, as do my sons, a grandson and a granddaughter. My daughter used to teach hunter safety. When I lived deep in the Ozarks I hunted squirrel, rabbit, quail, duck and goose more than now. Now, it’s deer hunting and the occasional dove shoot.

      In fact, I’ll deer hunt over the holidays here with a muzzle loader. You? And we’ll use a four wheeler, but we hunt on private land, not a Federal Wilderness Area.

      Do you believe, as do many far-right types, that the US should de-designate Wilderness Areas?

      • Fargo says:

        Why are you always so hateful?

        Its always funny how people respond to a challenge by saying why Im the the great white hunter and my child teaches hunter safety and I hunt with a muzzle loader. And Im married to a black and my best friend is a black and Ive got 7 degrees in science or I’ve bench pressed 3000 lbs while drinking a latte and reading war and peace.

        Yeah Id say take that 4 wheeler and its CO2 emitting engine and park it and be a man and go fetch those geese and ducks and quail yourself and hump them out. I can see how strenous that would be.

        Then go to Montana some western state and hump out that 1200 pound Elk without a 4 wheeler. Go to one of those western states that have been taken over by over zealous democrats to the point that 3/4th’s of the state is federal land. Then try and find a private person who will let you hunt on his property.

        You are clueless. Hateful? No. Sarcastic of your version of the truth is more like it. And your the one that started twisting my name into ugly meanings. What goes around comes around. Deal with it if you want to troll. Because I dont troll easily.

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