Who Knows About Amazon Echo And Smarthubs?

OK, an interesting question for you folks. I have some Best Buy credit, and I’m considering getting an Amazon Echo. The question is, which to get, the Echo or the Echo Plus? The Plus has a smarthome hub built in, but, it is somewhat limited. But, then, I do not play on hooking a ton of things up and getting crazy. A few lightbulbs here and there, a few switches. I’m not really concerned with being able to change Phillips light bulbs other colors.

On the other hand, the Plus is on sale for $119, and comes with one smart light bulb. The regular Echo is on sale for $79.99. I can get a Samsung Smartthings hub for $50. The add-ons are much greater.

There’s a ton of info out there, and, quite frankly, sometimes too much. Any ideas? Anyone use this stuff already.

BTW, I’m also considering using the credit, $300, on other stuff instead. A 5.1 or 3.1 soundbar is a consideration, to replace the 2.1 I have. I have the TV on a lot when home, watching sports, movies, certain shows. I’d like a high definition MP3 player to replace my 10 year old Creative Zen, but, really, the Creative Zen works, just doesn’t hold a charge well anymore. But, stays in car, so can keep plugged up, and only way getting new one is if also plays through USB. Don’t need a TV (that’s how I got the credit. Won one, 50 inch vs my 42 inch, but, ratings are much better on my Vizio, and I love the 240hz capability.)

I could get a Fire TV to replace my FireStick, and use the FS upstairs Never mind. New one doesn’t have Ethernet capability nor external storage card capability. I could wait for the Echo Spot to be released on the 19th. Looks intriguing, but, would be more for a bedroom. Use it as a clock, get some quick info in the morning. Tell it to turn on the coffee pot.

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