Captain Cook Statue Vandalized In Australia

Don’t think hardcore Progressives are just coming after Confederate statues (and Christopher Columbus, Joan of Arc, Revolutionary War heroes, Washington, Jefferson, even FDR….but not KKK member Robert Byrd stuff). They seem interested in other things around the world

(Daily Mail)  A statue of Captain Cook in Sydney’s Hyde Park has been fenced off after it was the target of a vandal who scrawled ‘change the date’ and ‘no pride in genocide’ across the monument.

Cones and tape now surround the monument of Captain Cook, which boasts an inscription saying the British explorer ‘discovered this territory, 1770’.

The fencing off of the statue on Tuesday comes after it was vandalised on Saturday morning.

The messages have been washed off the statue, but cones and tape separate it from the public.

Labour leader Bill Shorten has called for Hyde Park’s Captain Cook statue to be reformed.

Speaking at Hyde Park in Sydney’s centre on Monday, Mr Shorten joined a growing number of activists campaigning for the statue to acknowledge and pay respect to Aboriginal people – the country’s first Australians.

The words ‘change the date’ and ‘no pride in genocide’ were scrawled across the monument in spray paint – political slogans used by people who want the date of Australia Day changed.

Statues of Lachlan Macquarie and Queen Victoria were also defaced with spray paint.

Let’s face it, nothing will make these people happy. Unless it’s a statue to those nice people like Stalin, Mao, and Che.

Meanwhile, in Durham, NC, a Major in the Durham County Sheriff’s office is not a happy camper

A major in the Durham County Sheriff’s Office says county commissioners are setting a dangerous precedent by questioning the felony charges in the toppling of a Confederate statue.

“Should law enforcement determine the severity of charges for persons who destroy or deface monuments based upon the political leanings of county commissioners?” Maj. Paul Martin said in a statement.

“Is it alright (sic) for the left to destroy or deface a monument but not the right?” he continued. “Are statements concerning the severity of criminal charges by county commissioners an effort to obstruct justice since they control the budget for the sheriff as well as raises for the sheriff and all his personnel?”

Several county commissioners are looking for leniency and even having the felony charges dropped against the criminals who tore down a statue in Durham. They control the purse strings for the Sheriff’s office. And the major is entirely correct: is there one standard of Justice for some and not for others? If some white supremacists took down a statue of Martin Luther King, Jr., would the same people call for full prosecution? Of course they would. Regardless of the motivations, vandalism is vandalism, as in incitement to riot. We are either a Nation of Law or a Nation of Men.

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3 Responses to “Captain Cook Statue Vandalized In Australia”

  1. Rotterdam says:

    Your democratic party in the USA is heavily infiltrated by members of the communist party of foreign governments. We have the same problems here in the EU. Their entire focus is to destroy any semblance of nationalism thereby making it easy to destroy the very underlying fabric that held that nation together.

    Going after statues of people who believe in a nationalist idealogy is just another in a long step in tearing down any pushback the nationalists have for defending their beliefs.

    Your democratic party is run by socialists and infiltrated by communists. You educational institutions in most of your states are indoctrinating your youth into the socialist/communist ideology. Your television and movie industry is full of card carrying members of the communist party.

    Trump is hated because he has dared to push back against this with a resurgence of nationalism. You cant imagine how many of us in the EU would love for someone to rise to power that would do the same.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    Several county commissioners are looking for leniency …

    One county commissar likened “their actions of toppling the statue to the hurling tea into the Boston harbor.”

    Another “graduate” of the little jeffvckery school of “history”.


  3. formwiz says:

    There’s also a memorial to Cook on the spot where he was killed in Hawaii.

    5 will get you 10, the idiots won’t figure it out.

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