Wackos Seek “Regime Change”, Using Tactics That Got Trump Elected

My good blogbuddy Fritz at A View From the Beach has a long running meme “Reason XXXX That Trump Won”, such as this one on Obama’s legacy and lies regarding Afghanistan. Well, here’s another

Anti-Trumpers Seek Regime Change As They Plan Nationwide Protests

A group of anti-Trump protesters hopes to revive tactics of the Occupy Wall Street movement in November in order to get the president out of office.

The self-described “resistance” force announced they plan to not only continue their campaign to protest the president until he is removed from office, but they hope to double down on their efforts by creating several longer lasting protests in which individuals occupy a set space for weeks or months at a time, according to a report from Politico Wednesday.

“We must begin in the key cities with several thousand people in each,” Organizer Andy Zee said about the plan. “We can imagine the protest site alive with serious discussions and debates over the big issues of the day, strategizing about the road forward in our struggle to drive out the regime.”

The resistance groups held meetings in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Austin, Texas over the weekend, and plan to copy Occupy Wall Street tactics to occupy a large piece of land in several cities across the country until Trump is either removed from office or resigns.

So, uber-Progressives in uber-Progressive cities whining about wanting uber-Progressivism (nice fascism) and planning on using the same tactics that turned people off to start with, bringing us Trump? Good move, slick.

Let’s remember OWS. The pooping on police cars and the properties, including stairs, of homes in the areas of the camps (remember, the people who lived in those homes would typically sympathize with OWS). Property destruction. Violence. Heavy drug use. Will they be bringing back the rape free zone tents?

That’s right, OWS in NYC and other Democrat run cities needed areas set aside for women to be safe from being raped by other Occupiers.

What, exactly, did OWS accomplish? Well, there were those unshowered folks living in tents. People leaving their families. The pooping. Lots of demands and manifestos that amounted to nothing. One of their initial complaints was about money in politics, how corporations and the 1% had all the power, while We the People didn’t. They might have found partners in the Tea Party, but, then OWS trotted down the road to being all things SJW, from ‘climate change’ to inequality to abortion on demand.

And rape free zones.

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