Bummer: Illegal Aliens Are Getting A Harder Punishment For First Time Offenders

Cue the tiny violins

A Harder Punishment For First-Time Offenders Who Cross U.S. Border Illegally

Every weekday now, a quietly chaotic but systemic routine plays out in a courtroom in a downtown federal court in Tucson.

Defense attorneys, U.S. prosecutors and marshals in dark blue suits stand in groups talking quietly. And then, seven men and women are led into the courtroom through a side door by a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

It’s a pretty quick process, part of what is called Operation Streamline, meant to put illegals in front of a judge then deport them.

Eréndira Castillo is an immigration attorney who works with Operation Streamline defendants.

“Many people say, ‘It’s not a crime to enter the country illegally.’ It is,” Castillo said. “It’s been on the books since 1952. It’s not a new crime.” (snip)

Most defendants are sentenced to time served, then deported.

That deportation carries some weight in this federal courtroom though and if they are caught again, they will face real prison time. Those who have already been caught at least once go to prison. Anywhere from 30 days to six months.

OK, it’s a crime, so, what’s the problem? They’re being deported back to where they came from. How is that “harder”?

“The United States government pays $2,500, at least, to house an individual incarcerated,” Castillo said. “And do we really want to house and spend $2,500 for one person because they crossed the border illegally? I think that’s a conversation we should have in our communities.”

He’s correct. When an illegal is caught, they should be immediately deported, rather than spend money to house them. What the pro-illegal alien folks want is for the illegals to be released on their own recognizance, with a promise to return for their court date. Which they rarely do. They just disappear into America. And then those same pro-illegal alien folks want the lawbreakers to be given citizenship. So they can vote Democrat and be given welfare and healthcare and housing and be beholden to government.

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