If All You See…

…are evil fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Blazing Cat Fur, with a post wondering if Charlottesville is really what’s going on in America.

It’s “cleaning out the IAYS folder” week.

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38 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Modern America starts dismantling totems to its racist past, a past where traitors left America rather than obey the laws and stop enslaving other human beings, and the neo-Nazis and White Supremacists feel so oppressed that they fell they must fight back!

    The reality is that some members of the privileged white, christian majority feel as if they may lose their unfair advantages and privilege.

  2. Jeffery says:

    Hey dave,

    tRump finally criticized the Nazis…

    “There should be no place in society for racism, white supremacy and neo-Nazis.” “We must all come together as Americans — and be one country UNITED.”

    Of course, it was Ivanka tRump.

    Do you agree with Ivanka that there is no place in society for racism, White Supremacy and neo-Nazis? I agree with her and think we should strive to eliminate them

  3. Jeffery says:


    Every state, city, town and burgh in decent America is telling you White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis… You are not welcome in America. Crawl back under your rocks – trade your stories on the internet.

  4. Jeffery says:

    from Pastor John Pavlovitz (Wake Forest, NC):

    White people especially need to name racism in this hour, because somewhere in that crowd of sweaty, dead-eyed, raw throated white men — are our brothers and cousins and husbands and fathers and children; those we go to church with and see at Little League and in our neighborhoods. They need to be made accountable by those they deem their “own kind.” They need to know that this is not who we are, that we don’t bless or support or respect this. They need white faces speaking directly into their white faces, loudly on behalf of love.


    So no, White Supremacists. No, TEACH. No, tRumpski. No, dave. Most white Americans see your actions as racist and harmful to this country. You will be stopped.

  5. Jeffery says:

    more from the good reverend, John Pavlovitz:

    We are not with you, torch-bearers, in Charlottesville or anywhere.
    We do no consent to this.
    In fact we stand against you, alongside the very beautiful diversity that you fear.
    We stand with people of every color and of all faiths, people of every orientation, nationality, and native tongue.
    We are not going to have this. This is not the country we’ve built together and it will not become what you intend it to become.
    So you can kiss our diverse, unified, multi-colored behinds because your racism and your terrorism will not win the day.
    Believe it.

  6. Jeffery says:


    People are identifying the neo-Nazis and White Supremacists who attended the rally… and some are losing their jobs! Bummer. No one wants an avowed neo-Nazi or White Supremacist working for them (except tRumpski, who has hired several). Who knows when they’ll snap and run over a bunch of decent people. This is just one way society enforces decency.


  7. david7134 says:

    You sure a major fake news site, then gloat because people are fired for their beliefs. I guess it is ok with you if I fire people in the blm, black panthers, and others cause you certainly don’t want them working for you. You have to be one of the most ignorant people on the internet.

  8. david7134 says:

    Sure is site.

  9. Jeffery says:


    “Sure” should be cite, not site. As in citation.

    It’s illegal to fire people because of their race, but not illegal to fire people because they are neo-Nazi racist dirtbags. Stupid scumbags are not protected against the consequences of their stupid acts.

    We’ve noted Con Men citing the BLM movement as immunization against the violence of the White Supremacies. The main difference is that the BLM movement was looking to stop oppression while the White Supremacy movement looks to increase oppression.

    What are the demands of the neo-Nazis and the White Supremacists anyway? To stop police harassment?

    • david7134 says:

      Thanks for the correction, Jeff. It is very difficult to type on a Kindle as it changes words constantly. That is all that you are correct on, unfortunately. Every day it is phenomenal to see your lack of knowledge and insight. Do you see any other grammar and spelling errors? At least you are good for something other than a party host.

  10. Jeffery says:

    Heather Heyer’s mom on her daughter and the White Supremacist who murdered her:

    “I think he’s [Fields] still very young, and I’m sorry he believed that hate could fix problems. Hate only brings more hate. Heather was not about hate, Heather was about stopping hatred. Heather was about bringing an end to injustice.”

    “I don’t want her death to be a focus for more hatred, I want her death to be a rallying cry for justice and equality and fairness and compassion. I’m very sorry that [Fields] chose that path because he has now ruined his life as well as robbed a great many of us of someone we love very much.”

    “No mother wants to lose a child, but I’m proud of her.”

  11. Jeffery says:

    Sunday morning, Daily Stormer editor Andrew Anglin posted an attack on Heather Heyer under the headline, “Heather Heyer: Woman Killed in Road Rage Incident was a Fat, Childless 32-year Old Slut.”

    Notified of the offensive post, website hosting company GoDaddy informed Anglin on Twitter to find a new home within 24 hours before they pulled the plug.

  12. Dana says:

    A skateboard, no padding, and a beer: living life dangerously!

  13. Dana says:

    Do white supremacists have the right to express their opinions? Yes. Do white supremacists have the right to stage a peaceable demonstration? Yes. Do white supremacists have the right to vote? Yes. Our esteemed host has long had the blog tagline, “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

    The fact that no one seems willing to say, in public, is that if the scumbag Antifa movement hadn’t staged a counterdemonstration, hadn’t gone looking for a fight, this demonstration would have gone peacefully. If Antifa hadn’t gone looking for a fight, almost no one would ever have heard of the initial demonstration.

    Of course, if the fascist left had responded to a peaceful demonstration by staging one of their own this coming weekend, rather than looking for a fight on Saturday, no one would have heard of their counterdemonstration either, unless they used their familiar tactic of throwing urine and attacking the police, and that wouldn’t have served their purposes in the slightest.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Oh my, there is another side of the story besides the MFM.

      I was expecting to enter a peaceful protest to protect this monument and part of United States history from utter and total rewriting. I entered with people from the United States who were aware there were going to be counter-protesters. They promised to keep me safe, which they did. But what happened was, the police force, which should have kept the protesting parties separate, in fact funneled the right-wing protesters, the people defending the monument, right into Antifa, [making them run] a gauntlet of Antifa to the monument … Then – I don’t know the details of it – on dubious legal grounds, [the police] declared the gathering of right-wing protesters unlawful. We were forced to leave the venue and run another gauntlet.


  14. Jeffery says:


    So scumbags comprise Antifa, but the Nazis and White Supremacists are patriots exercising their right of free speech.

    To our knowledge Antifa did not run over Nazis with a Dodge Challenger, killing an innocent woman, and injuring many more. To our knowledge the counterprotesters did not send anyone to the hospital.

    Our governments do not challenge the rights of the most vile racists, bigots, the KKK, Nazis and White Supremacists to express themselves peaceably. Their websites and meeting halls are not under attack. Ironically, it was the ACLU and the courts that enabled the White Supremacist’s rally. But… decent society IS obligated to censure these vile messengers whenever they crawl out from under their rocks. The Greatest Generation (our mothers and fathers) did not sacrifice in Europe to have a bunch of ignorant 20-somethings start marching with swastikas, chanting Nazi slogans and seig heiling tRumpler because they feel their white privilege is threatened. In today’s Germany, the government steps in; in America, we the people must squelch this bullshit. And we will – tRumpler or no tRumpler.

    Now, for some reason, Nazis and White Supremacists feel emboldened to once again spread their messages of hate and oppression. For some reason, Nazis and White Supremacists feel a kinship with the current president. Why is that, you think?

    These “peaceful” Nazis and White Supremacists marched with semi-automatic weapons, swastikas, body armor, throwing seig heils, carrying torches all while chanting pro-Nazi slogans. You don’t think they were looking for a fight? Is any provocation OK with you?

    Our Constitution does not guarantee the Nazis and White Supremacists immunity to counterdemonstrations and withering criticism. The KKK, Nazis and White Supremacists are no more welcome here than are radical extremist Islamists.

    America stopped the Nazis once, and will do it again. America thwarted the KKK/White Supremcacists once, and will do it again.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      To our knowledge Antifa did not… blah, blah, blah…

      You continually demonstrate quite a lack of knowledge, little jeffuckery.

    • Dana says:

      Jeffrey fails again:

      So scumbags comprise Antifa, but the Nazis and White Supremacists are patriots exercising their right of free speech.


      Yes, actually: the original marchers set out to demonstrate peaceably; ’twas Antifa which staged a ‘counterdemonstration’ looking to start a fight. It wasn’t the original marchers who were seeking to shut down anyone else’s rights to freedom of speech or assembly; it was Antifa which went looking for a fight.

      These “peaceful” Nazis and White Supremacists marched with semi-automatic weapons, swastikas, body armor, throwing seig heils, carrying torches all while chanting pro-Nazi slogans. You don’t think they were looking for a fight? Is any provocation OK with you?

      They were prepared, just as any citizen who legally carries a firearm is prepared; that is not illegal. If Antifa had not gone there looking for a fight, the original demonstrators would not have hurt anyone, regardless of whether any of them were armed or not. And how is it that, were we to believe your characterizations, that not a single Antifa was shot? How is it that, were the original demonstrators so heavily armed and violently motivated, that they didn’t just slaughter the Antifa scum? After all, just one guy with an M-16 on rock’n’roll could have killed dozens; the magazine holds 30 bullets. Note that the news stories mention that most of the injuries were caused by the automobile assault; not a single gunshot wound is noted.

      Is any provocation OK? Yes! If I yell vile names at you, if I say that you ought to be deported or whatever, but all that I use is my voice, and you assault me due to what I have said, it is you who have committed a crime, not me.

      Our Constitution does not guarantee the Nazis and White Supremacists immunity to counterdemonstrations and withering criticism. The KKK, Nazis and White Supremacists are no more welcome here than are radical extremist Islamists.

      Well, that’s true enough, but Antifa didn’t go there to provide “withering criticism.” They went there looking for a fight.

  15. david7134 says:

    It seems that you are lacking in knowledge to a significant degree. Blacks are not harassed by the police, in fact they are often given a pass, whereas a white person would be picked up. This is documented. Also, blacks are not discriminated against, there are no longer laws on the books to exclude blacks. Now whites are definitely discriminated against. And that is why you are seeing white groups pushing back. You also have indicated that it is ok to discriminate against people. I find that strange, but it does seem to be a liberal thing. Also, the guy in the car did not intentionally kill anyone, it is clear in the videos that he is fleeing for his life. In the end, it was Antifa that caused the trouble and their actions led to people being hurt. Do I have spelling errors?

  16. Jeffery says:

    tRump finally addressed the issue:

    “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this display of hatred, bigotry and violence,” he said in an impromptu statement on Monday after returning to the White House from his golf club in New Jersey.
    “Racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to what we hold dear as Americans,” he added.

  17. Jeffery says:


    You no more know that Antifa went “looking for a fight” than dave knows the difference between cite and site.

    It’s just as likely that the KKK, White Supremacists and Nazis went looking for a confrontation, don’t you think?

    America no longer accepts the overt racism, hatred and threats from the scum KKK, Nazis and White Supremacists – even your president said so, to his credit. The only people left defending this collection of vile miscreants are members of the KKK, Nazis or White Supremacists. Which are you? That’s rhetorical – you’ve made it clear.

    You blame the murder of Heather Heyer on someone other than the murderous White Supremacist who ran her over. Shouldn’t the terrorist driver bear some of the blame? That’s rhetorical.

    • david7134 says:

      No it is fairly obvious that antifa was not there for a picnic. Your outrage is selective and obviously false. And once again, thanks for the spelling correction. Now it we could just get the rest of your education up to snuff. Is everything spelled correctly?

  18. Jeffery says:

    dave (or any Cesspoolian including the TEACH),

    Do you think White Supremacists, the KKK and the Nazis are a positive for the nation?

    We’ve yet to hear one negative word directed toward them. Even tRump disavowed the racists, White Supremacists, the KKK and the Nazis. One White Supremacist drove his car into the crowd, killing an innocent woman and injuring another 20.

  19. drowningpuppies says:

    We’ve yet to hear one negative word directed toward them.

    We leave that bullshit up to you, little jeffuckery, you’ve been ranting about it non-stop for 3 days.
    As been said before relax, take a big breath and go fuck yourself? M’kay?

  20. Jeffery says:

    No one? Nary a peep? We assume that you, like tRump, support the racism and hatred of the KKK, the White Supremacists and the neo-Nazis.

    Any argument in rebuttal, or just crickets?

  21. Jeffery says:

    TEACH: How about you? Your typings have the reputation of being a Gateway Pudendum-lite, just as the Gateway Pudendum is known as StormFront-lite.

    Do you generally agree with the “principles” of the American neo-Nazis, the KKK and the White Supremacist movement?

    Are you worried that the Blacks, Hispanics, Jews and Muslims may “replace you”?

  22. Jeffery says:

    Kleagle dave has stated that the murdered Heather Heyer had it coming, that her murderer was fleeing down an almost empty street until he ran into Ms. Heyer and 19 others. dana agrees with Kleagle dave.

    Do y’all think Heather Heyer is responsible for her own death?

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Remember the Berniebo who shot Steve Scalise and tried to murder all the Republicans on a baseball field?

      Nary a peep from the sanctimonious little jeffuckery.

    • david7134 says:

      Foolish distortion by a fool.

  23. Jeffery says:

    A far-right terrorist thwarted:


    According to court documents, Mr. Varnell had espoused an anti-government ideology and had expressed an interest in carrying out an attack that would echo the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in April 1995, which killed 168 people.

    During a meeting in June with an undercover F.B.I. agent posing as someone who could help him, Mr. Varnell said that he wanted to start the next revolution and that he identified with what is known as 3 percenter ideology, according to an affidavit filed in support of the federal criminal complaint against him.

    Mr. Varnell also wrote a statement that he wanted posted on Facebook after the bombing, and sent it to the informant, the authorities said. The statement refers to the bombing as an act of “retaliation” for government actions that he said restricted Americans’ freedom.
    “It was a wake-up call to both the government and the people,” Mr. Varnell’s statement said, according to officials.

    A variety of militia groups around the country regard themselves as 3 percenters. The term comes from their belief, debunked by historians, that only 3 percent of American colonists fought in the Revolution. These groups reject characterizations of them as racist or anti-government, describing themselves instead as pro-Constitution, pro-gun and, in many cases, pro-President tRump.

    The movement’s logo, the Roman numeral III encircled by stars, was visible on at least one of the heavily armed, camouflage-clad militia members at the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

  24. Jeffery says:

    No one to defend their position?

  25. Jeffery says:

    Your god-king is a pathetic coward, it follows that all of you are too.

    Either you support the Klan, the neo-Nazis and the White Supremacists or you don’t.

    • david7134 says:

      You are sick. Get help. You do realize that your politics are closer to the Nazis than anyone here?

  26. Jeffery says:

    King Kleagle,

    I’m not the one who believes that white christians are superior to all other people and should work to get all non-white non-christians out of America.

    #Blut und Boden!

  27. Jeffery says:


    How about a true/false test?

    1. T/F Nazis are bad.

    2. T/F The KKK is bad.

    3. T/F White Supremacy is bad.

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