Islamists Infest England With Slavery And Child Sex Rings

But, you know what’s more important to the British police? Mean words on social media. First, this

The BBC tries to dink and dunk around the subject, but, a goodly chunk of those running slavery rings are Islamists. Not all, mind you. But, a goodly chunk.

Then there’s this

Where Police Care More About Internet Trolls Than Child Sex Rings

Another child sex ring was broken up in the United Kingdom this week, and questions are already swirling about how police handled the matter.

Seventeen men and one woman were arrested in connection to this vile criminal operation that is believed to have abused at least 600 girls. The men appear to all hail from Muslim immigrant communities.

The case evokes the infamous Rotherham sex ring that was finally taken down in 2014. In that criminal operation, several Pakistani men were able to abuse and exploit an estimated 1,400 girls for several years. One local official, Jayne Senior, tried to alert police when the ring first began operating, but her warnings were suppressed as “racist” and she was ordered to take sensitivity training by her superiors.

In fact, there is heavy concern, per the “were arrested in connection” link, along with many others, that there are plenty more grooming gangs in the UK, most of whom are Muslim immigrants. This Newcastle incident took 3 years to complete, ending with the arrests and breaking up of the slavery and sex grooming, and the Muslim perpetrators convicted.

While the authorities may appear to be troubled by speaking out against immigrant grooming gangs, there is one thing they have no problem addressing with full vigor: mean words on the internet.

Around the same time news broke of the Newcastle grooming gang, Sussex police were announcing their investigation into a more grievous crime — harsh “transphobic” words exchanged between school children.

Sussex Police Hate Crime Sergeant (yes, that’s a real title) Peter Allan tweeted out on Tuesday how his department had conducted a thorough investigation into the “hate incident” involving children. No charges were filed, but Allan was adamant to his many critics that the “education” officers gave children was valuable police work.

In fact, there was a complete blackout on news of the Newcastle sex grooming case till they were convicted. The media, and the police, do not like to talk about how sex grooming is rampant throughout the UK, again, perpetrated mostly by Muslim immigrant communities. But, heaven forbid you offer up some Wrongthink on social media, because the British law enforcement folks will be right there going after you. The article offers plenty of examples.

To Americans, this all looks incredibly ridiculous. Police should be out finding real criminals — like child rape gangs — instead of focusing on internet trolls. But British police, at least according to their social media accounts, appear to be more obsessed with rooting out wrong-think.

At the same time police Twitter accounts shriek about hate speech, hundreds of young girls are raped by immigrant predators, and few dare address it out of fear of the “racist” charge.

It’s not hyperbole. It’s happening. One has to wonder, though, if this same thing is happening in the United States, what with all the Muslim immigrant populations imported by Mr. Obama.

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14 Responses to “Islamists Infest England With Slavery And Child Sex Rings”

  1. JGlanton says:

    Following in the traditions of mohammed

  2. JGlanton says:

    Warnings for 10 years!

    Ms Champion said the prosecutions and convictions of grooming gangs are “predominantly Pakistani men”, adding:

    “If it was people from a particular town that was doing this crime across the country, if it was people from – I don’t know – a motorbike gang doing this, we’d recognise that as an indicator and we’d deal with it – but we’re just not dealing with it.”
    Asked why, Ms Champion said:

    “I genuinely think it’s because people are more afraid to be called a racist than they are afraid to be wrong about calling out child abuse.

    “I know in Rotherham I’ve met frontline social workers who, when – we’re talking 10 years ago – they were trying to report this crime, were sent on race relations courses, they were told they were going to have disciplinary action if they didn’t remove the fact they were identifying the person as a Pakistani male.

    “This is still going on in our towns now, I know it’s still going on but we’re still not addressing it.”

  3. Jeffery says:

    There were hardly any Muslims in America before the civil war but still lots of slaves. Almost all owned and abused by “good” caucasian, christian conservative (CCC) men.

    The TEACH claimed:

    a goodly chunk of those running slavery rings are Islamists

    but inadvertently left out evidence to support his claim.

    Maybe religious fundamentalism is the problem.

  4. Jeffery says:

    The TEACH ejaculated:

    Islamists Infest England With Slavery And Child Sex Rings!

    Yet, the only legitimate citation included didn’t mention religion. So on what did you base your headline? Bigotry? Conservative christian values?

  5. david7134 says:

    Jeff likes islam as they hate about as much as he does.

  6. Jl says:

    Jeffery can’t comprehend that it they were Christians, Christians would be on the front page of every paper in Great Britain. Yet allegedly no religion was named, meaning obviously it was Islam. Wow, that was hard to figure out

  7. Jeffery says:

    Or TEACH could support his claim, rather than relying on his band of flying monkeys to protect him.

  8. Jeffery says:

    The linked article stated that most victims were from Albania, Nigeria, Poland, Vietnam, Romania and England.

    Does The TEACH (or his band of hooting Flying Monkeys – the FMs) have evidence supporting his claim that most of the perpetrators are Islamists?“

    It was The TEACH who typed, Islamists Infest England With Slavery And Child Sex Rings and “… a goodly chunk of those running slavery rings are Islamists”.

    Such definitive claims require definitive evidence. It’s possible that The TEACH is correct, he just needs to supply evidence.

    Illogically, FM2 claims that the lack of evidence proves that the perps are Muslims!

  9. Jeffery says:


    Is it your argument that British Islamists are enslaving Yazidi women in Britain as sex slaves, because The TEACH’s claim was that Islamists in the UK were trafficking in sex slavery.

    In case you missed it, The TEACH typed: Islamists Infest England With Slavery And Child Sex Rings and “… a goodly chunk of those running slavery rings are Islamists”. Yet, nothing in his post supported the claims. As we said, The TEACH may well be correct.

    Granted, the weaselly imprecise “goodly chunk” leaves him some weasel room… but all we’re asking is for evidence to support his claims. You didn’t help his case.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Your ignorance is laughable, little jeffuckery.
      No wonder Her Thighness will never be President with dumbass supporters like you.
      BTW, how much money did you waste on her campaign?

    • david7134 says:

      Another fool statement by the fool.

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