Wisconsin Is Latest State To Push Legislation That Cracks Down On Illegal Aliens And Those That Support Them

Texas recently pass a law that cracks down on sanctuary cities and the people in charge who refuse to cooperate with federal agencies on illegal immigration. Now it’s Wisconsin’s turn

(WeAreGreenBay.com) The Wisconsin Assembly is pushing two bills that affect immigrants in the state.

Assembly Bill 190 requires police to hold people suspected of a crime for an additional 48 hours if they are believed to be in the country illegally.

That bill would also allow the attorney general, district attorneys and sheriffs to sue cities, towns or villages for not complying with immigration law.

Assembly Bill 127 allows Wisconsin residents to sue their local government if they think federal immigration policies are not being enforced.

Representative John Spiros of Marshfield is a firm supporter of the bill. He says the bills will only affect people suspected of committing a crime. Spiros says people’s immigration status would not be questioned for things like traffic violations or when asking for police assistance.

Hilariously, opponents are asking the immigrants who work on farms, who make up 80% of that workforce, to strike in response. Well, if they are unlawfully present in the United States, they should be rounded up and deported, and the business owners who did not do their due diligence to make sure their workers were lawfully eligible to work should be charged.

In fact, many states have passed laws cracking down on sanctuary jurisdictions, and many others are considering doing the same, while a few Democratic states have passed laws and resolutions protecting trespassing immigrants.

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