D.C.’s Legends Of Tomorrow Decides To Add Muslim Superhero, Who’s Original Codename Was Isis

Apparently, The CW has decided it wants to drastically shrink the pool of people who’ll watch the show, and, really, the network

(Variety) “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” is adding a major character to its third season.

Tala Ashe is joining the CW show as a series regular, Variety has learned. The actress will take on the role of Zari Adrianna Tomaz, a new member of the team aboard the Waverider.

The character Zari Adrianna Tomaz is a Muslim-American woman from the year 2030 who lives in a world of contradictions — technology has brought about incredible change in her future, but too bad human nature hasn’t kept pace. Fear, prejudice and a lack of care for the planet have forced Zari to become a “grey hat hacktivist.” Described as a computer nerd with a wry, combative attitude, she is a woman living a double life who doesn’t realize that she has secret, latent powers derived from an ancient, mystical source.

A follow up article from Variety really ramps up the social justice warrioring and virtue signaling, but, here’s where it gets really fun.

In the comics, Adrianna Tomaz was a citizen of the fictional nation of Kahndaq who fights against its corrupt government, specifically against the country’s leader Black Adam. Eventually she becomes the hero named Isis.

Think they’ll keep that superhero name?

As for that follow up acticle

Adding a Muslim character in the midst of the current political climate was no coincidence.

“You might have heard there was this election,” cracked executive producer Marc Guggenheim on Wednesday at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills. “Not to get political, but something that we all gravitated toward in the writers room was making this character Muslim.”

One has to wonder, though, if this is more about patronizing the people who tend to watch the show in order to make money than any sort of SJW garbage.

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5 Responses to “D.C.’s Legends Of Tomorrow Decides To Add Muslim Superhero, Who’s Original Codename Was Isis”

  1. It was barely watchable before, and I’m generally a fan of time travel fiction. Doesn’t sound like an improvement, unless they can get her into some really skimpy outfits!

    • Dana says:

      Barely watchable? Doesn’t matter to me, ’cause I don’t watch it at all . . . other than the crossover episode with Supergirl, of course.

      • The first season of Supergirl was okay…more PC than DC. Red haired, freckle faced Jimmy Olson is black now. Okay. Supergirl’s sister suddenly discovers she’s a lesbian…okay. Then Supergirl starts giving gun control lectures, and far be it from me not to take my Second Amendment advice from a supposedly bulletproof alien who shoots heat rays out of her eyes!

        This last season, the evil, alien invader queen peppers her speeches about “Making (her home planet) Great Again”…hmm. Whatever literally in the world could she be referring to? I remember her boss Kat, making some rather cringe worthy liberal talking points as well.

        Finally, her cousin Superman, who is supposed to be almost a father figure to her, has to be rescued by her twice from mind controlling aliens, and despite his greater upper body strength and two decades more experience in fighting super villains, gets beaten by his cousin in a fight. Worse yet, afterwards he confesses how much stronger she is, and how, faced with the possible loss of the alien with whom she was fornicating, sans institution of marriage, that he would never have the strength to sacrifice someone he loved…just to save the world!

        Instead of casting some beefy guy to play Superman, like they used in silhouette in the opening credits, they hire Pajama Boy, who looks vaguely like he could be Supergirl’s slightly goofy younger brother.

        After admitting how much weaker he was than she, he flew off to Metropolis, no doubt, climbed into his footed flannel jammies and heated up a cup of cocoa with his heat ray vision. Either that or he retreated to his Safe Space of Fortitude.

        Melissa Benoist is attractive, and the show is generally well cast. Watch if you like, but if you are a conservative, you’ll have to turn in your Man Card.

        • Dana says:

          Mike, I’m smart enough to realize that the show is fiction, so my man card remains intact. I’m strong enough to weather political opinions with which I disagree.

          • It’s not a question of being “strong enough to weather political opinions with which I disagree”, but whether I enjoy propaganda and political screed being passed off as “entertainment”. I don’t. Your mileage may vary.

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