If All You See…

…is a horrible carbon pollution infused beer, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Vulgar Curmudgeon, with a post on China saying North Korea is not their responsibility.

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4 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Dana says:

    What I see is a girl wearing a ‘jersey’ with the logo of my team, the Cincinnati Reds!

  2. Jeffery says:

    So Donnie “Brylcreem” Jr. got snookered by the Russians. Big deal. His daddy is president and can pardon him if he’s in too deep.

  3. Dana says:

    Did the Trump campaign seek dirt on Hillary Clinton through the Russians? Maybe, but who cares? The Clinton campaign did the same thing through Ukraine. In the race for the presidency, any candidate is going to use any means possible to win; in the presidential election, there are no points for second place.

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