Army Tells Female Members They Must Accept Naked Gender Confused Males In Showers

It’s high time that the United States military stop being a testing ground of the social justice warrior crowd

(Christian Post) The U.S. Army is instructing its female soldiers to “accept” having men in their showers and changing areas who are “transitioning” but still have their male genitalia, according to training documents that have been released. (snip)

On Wednesday, James Hasson, a former Army captain, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and law student at University of Virginia, wrote in a piece published by The Federalist that he has obtained a “Tier Three Transgender Training” PowerPoint and accompanying lesson plan being used by the Army in mandatory transgender training sessions.

“The active-duty officer who sent the materials completed the training with 40 other soldiers last week instead of conducting their morning physical training as usual,” Hasson wrote. “The force-wide presentation sheds quite a bit of light on the implications of the rule change on transgender service members. The policy prioritizes subjective feelings over combat-readiness and inverts military order by placing the needs of individuals over the well-being of their units.”

All that’s necessary to change “gender” is a bit of paperwork, to go along with the mental insanity. No actual sex change is required

A PowerPoint slide titled “Vignette Four” outlines what types of changes soldiers can expect to see in “barracks, bathrooms and showers.”

“Following her transition from male to female (which did not include sex reassignment surgery) and gender marker change in DEERS, a transgender soldier begins using female barracks, bathroom and shower facilities,” the slide reads. “Because she did not undergo a surgical change, the Soldier still has male genitalia.”

“All soldiers must use the barracks, bathroom and shower facilities associated with their gender marker in DEERS,” the slide added. “Understand that you may encounter individuals in barracks, bathrooms and shower facilities with physical characteristics of the opposite sex despite having the same gender marker in DEERS.”

In other words, female soldiers must suck it up and have the gender confused in their showers, locker rooms, changing rooms, and baracks. And if they do not like it, they can resign or receive a courts martial.

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3 Responses to “Army Tells Female Members They Must Accept Naked Gender Confused Males In Showers”

  1. The Night Wind says:

    Mattis needs to be fired. He hasn’t changed any Obama policies or even replaced any Obama-era appointees. He was an Obama appointee himself and is still loyal to the Deep State.

  2. Stosh says:

    Which shower does a transgender lesbian get to use? A man pretending to be a woman, but still attracted to women…lib heads exploding…

  3. Navyvet says:

    Are their any women whose DEERS (whatever that is) say they are men, so therefore can use the male barracks and showers??? I didnt think so.

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