‘Climate Change’ Could Change The Way We Exercise Or Something

The other day we learned that ‘climate change’ could make people more fit. Obviously, cold water needs to be thrown on that notion

Climate change could affect the way we exercise

The extreme changes of weather recently – from a seemingly endless heatwave to seemingly endless rain – affect more than the environment; they also affect the way we move.

For months it has often felt too hot or too wet to exercise. Long walks and runs have been replaced by cabin fever, indoor yoga classes and finally trying out some of the new livestream fitness classes you can do from your lounge (some Australian ones worth checking out include Varlah, Voome, Yogaholics and The Robards Method).

In other words, this is a 1st World Problem of people getting wimpy.

But, generally, for many of us during times of extreme weather conditions, we simply become more sedentary, exchanging the walk to work with the car or swapping the bicycle for the bus. Whether it’s lethargy from heat or an instinct to bunker down from the wet, we sit more and do less.

If we do that for too long, there is an impact on our health.

“At a physiological level, too little exercise can produce costly health outcomes like obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and insufficient physical activity is a leading cause of death in the United States [it is the fourth-leading cause of death worldwide and the second biggest contributor to cancer in Australia],” say the authors of a new study, published in Nature Human Behaviour.

“Extreme weather” has not increased, no matter how much scaremongering the Cult Of Climastrology performs. And this is simply a continuation of the doom and gloom prognostications from the CoC. Sure, rain and heat affect people going outside. That’s always happened. It gets hot in North Carolina. That’s the norm, shockingly. Instead of biking or jogging during the heat of the day, I’ll do it in the evening (though I prefer going to the gym anyhow, as I can read while on an exercise machine). Get this: people adapt. If some people can’t deal with a measly 1.4F increase in average temperatures since 1850, well, they should wonder why they are so wimpy.

“Ultimately, most of the social impacts of climate change are likely to be negative,” Obradovich and Fowler conclude.

“Climate change may reduce economic output, amplify rates of conflict, produce psychological distress, increase exposure to the social effects of drought and increase heat-related mortality and morbidity, among other illnesses. However, climatic changes are unlikely to be uniformly costly to society, and it is important to investigate both costs and benefits. Here we uncover a possible beneficial effect of climate change for the United States…

So, future doom. I wonder how past people survived the previous Holocene warm periods? Must have been made of hardier stuff than modern Warmists.

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  1. Hanover says:

    The complexity of delusion on the Left over climactic variations almost resembles the dogmas & delusions of Communism. Could there be a relation? Hmmm.

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