‘Climate Change’ Could Literally Cause Sea Creatures To Dissolve Or Something

The oceans are literally turning to acid, you guys! All because you refuse to pay carbon taxes!

Climate Change Could Cause Conditions That Literally Dissolve Sea Creatures

Seemingly every day, new evidence of climate change’s devastating impact on our planet emerges. The latest sounds like something out of a horror movie: creatures are literally dissolving right before our eyes.

Scientists from the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) just published research in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences detailing their study of bryozoa, a class of invertebrate organisms also referred to as moss animals. They found that exposure to more acidic waters after being raised in warmer waters caused large sections of the animals to simply dissolve.

“We thought there would be some thinning or reduced mass,” said the study’s lead author Dan Swezey in a news release. “But whole features just dissolved practically before our eyes.”

Doooooooooommmm….oh, wait. This study didn’t actually happen in the oceans. The study didn’t actually look at the conditions of the bryozoa in the wild. It happened in a lab, where the scientists exposed the bryozoa to extreme conditions not seen in nature.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t some “what if?” undertaking. The conditions created as part of the study accurately mimic those currently found in the creatures’ natural habitat off the Californian coast. The increase of carbon in our atmosphere due to the burning of fossil fuels is being absorbed by the ocean, increasing its acidity, and animals like the bryozoa can’t survive in these new environments.

Um, no. Those conditions do not exist. The ocean acidification scare has been debunked time and time again. It is not a threat right now, and will most likely not be a threat later. It is yet another example of climate change scaremongering, meant to get government to enact taxes, fees, and restrictions on your life, to force you to stop using the same fossil fuels that the people who push this scaremongering refuse to give up themselves.

It’s not science: it’s politics.

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6 Responses to “‘Climate Change’ Could Literally Cause Sea Creatures To Dissolve Or Something”

  1. JGlanton says:

    It’s Science. Don’t deny it.

    Former Energy Department Undersecretary Steven Koonin told The Wall Street Journal Monday that bureaucrats within former President Barack Obama’s administration spun scientific data to manipulate public opinion.

    “What you saw coming out of the press releases about climate data, climate analysis, was, I’d say, misleading, sometimes just wrong,” Koonin said, referring to elements within the Obama administration he said were responsible for manipulating climate data.


  2. Hanover says:

    If the commies’ dreams came through with carbon taxes & deletion of fossil fuels, they & we’d be living in a world where everyone is equally miserable, without technology, tv, entertainment, automobiles & anything else that might be related to civilization. Bottom line, we’re not advanced enough as a species with a source of energy that’s clean. So we bite the bullet & hope for the best. Except climate alarmists.

  3. Jeffery says:


    You claim that ocean acidification has been “debunked time and time again” but you linked to some blog piece that stated “… scary “global warming” stopped 19 years ago, but do stay scared because all that CO2 since 1997 has instead been “acidifying” the oceans.”

    Anyone who claims global warming stopped shouldn’t be trusted as a source for your scientific information.

    Anyway, what bothered you most about their data or methods?

    where the scientists exposed the bryozoa to extreme conditions not seen in nature.

    What extreme conditions did they use?


  4. Jeffery says:


    Just a reminder that pH is a log scale. There is 10 times more H+ concentration at pH 7 than at pH 8

  5. Jl says:

    A reminder that for oceans to become more acidic, they’d have to be acidic in the first place. I believe they’re mostly alkaline. So the correct verbiage, if true, would be to say they’re becoming less alkaline. But that’s no where near as scary

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