Bummer: Hotcoldwetdry Could Make People More Fit

This is horrid news

Silver Lining? Climate Change Could Make Americans More Fit

“Even the biggest fitness fanatics have at some point checked the day’s weather and then opted against a daily run. As the planet warms, that will happen less frequently, at least in the United States, a new study said.

Researchers in the new study looked at information on people’s physical activity along with historical weather data, making note of associations between weather and overall exercise levels. The scientists then applied those patterns to predictions for the future climate in the U.S. They concluded that although more days of extreme heat will discourage exercise, this will be overshadowed by the boost in American’s physical activity levels that will come with the increase in warm days.”

Shockingly, they concluded what we all know: people exercise more when it’s warm and less, get this, when it’s cold. So, according to this study, we should all drive more fossil fuels vehicles to make sure we can exercise more.

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