Proposal To Tow Cars With Unlicensed Drivers Deemed Anti-Immigrant Or Something

What seems pretty darned common sense saw Liberals say “hold my beer”

(WRAL) A state House committee this week will debate a proposal to require vehicles driven by unlicensed drivers to be towed away from a traffic stop unless a licensed driver can be quickly found to drive the car away.

House Bill 341, sponsored by Rep.George Cleveland, R-Onslow, is scheduled to be heard in the House Judiciary I Committee on Wednesday.

Under the proposal, any driver found at a traffic stop to be driving on a suspended, revoked or expired license or having no license at all would not be allowed to drive his or her vehicle away after being charged. The driver would have one hour to produce a licensed driver who can legally drive the car away. If that’s not possible, the car would be towed and impounded.

The owner of the vehicle would be able to reclaim it by bringing a valid driver’s license and, if the owner didn’t know the driver was unlicensed, a written acknowledgement to that effect, and would have to pay all towing fees and storage fees of no more than $10 per day. If the vehicle isn’t reclaimed within 90 days, the tow service operator would be free to dispose of it.

Is there any need to discuss how common sense this is? Sure, they could just leave the vehicle there, but, then, that vehicle could be getting in the way of traffic and all sorts of other things. So, what’s the problem?

The proposal has been denounced as “anti-immigrant” by immigrants’ rights activists, who say it’s intended to target undocumented immigrants who are not permitted to get driver’s licenses. However, the likely effect of the bill would reach far beyond the immigrant community. In fiscal year 2015-16, law enforcement agencies around the state reported issuing more than 125,000 citations for driving with a revoked license.

Sigh. Sadly, previous Democrat administrations, along with a General Assembly controlled by Democrats, allowed illegals given executive amnesty by Obama to obtain legal driver’s licenses, though they do say “Legal Presences No Lawful Status”. And, in fairness, Republicans attempted to pass a law providing all illegals with licenses, but, as far as I can determine, it never made it out of committee, much less signed into law.

Regardless, this is typical fear-mongering by Useful Idiots.

My one other complaint here has nothing to do with illegals. It’s that sometimes you forget your wallet/purse/ID carrier. It happens, right? You get to the store and realize you forgot everything, and have to head home. What if you get pulled over on the way and haven’t realized that you do not have it on you? Yes, we’re all supposed to have that DL on us, but, come on, things happen. No one is perfect. You may not be able to rectify this in an hour.  Certainly, law enforcement has you in their database, and can most likely pull up your photo associated with your DL. In NC, most can renew their license on-line without getting a new photo. That’s what I did. So, DMV has that info.

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5 Responses to “Proposal To Tow Cars With Unlicensed Drivers Deemed Anti-Immigrant Or Something”

  1. Stosh says:

    Tow any and all unlicensed, suspended, and revoked “drivers” Forgot your licence…you get 90 days to find it. Traffic jams and accident rates should plummet with only “qualified (??)” drivers on the road.

  2. JGlanton says:

    In my state it is just a very small fine if you are caught without your driver’s license or registration. IF you are in the database, and it is your first offense. So a mistake is no biggy if the officer decides to enforce on you. No driver’s license, no registration, no insurance, and you are in for a big fine, having your vehicle impounded, and a lot of paperwork. Regardless of race.

  3. Sounds like repeat drunk drivers will be hardest hit, regardless of their immigration status.

    • But, but, but, illegals are getting drunk then driving because they have become so fearful of being Donald Trump coming to their homes and stuff and picking them up and deporting them!!!!!1!!!!! So it’s Trump’s Fault!!!!1!!!

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