TDS: Cable TV President Launches Cable TV War Or Something

Hey, remember the days when opinion writers at America’s news outlets complained about our previous celebrity president was constantly on talk shows, cable shows, going Between Two Ferns, chatting with a Youtube personality who does shows bathtubs full of milk and cereal, all while discussing policy and even launching air strikes and starting wars? Remember when they complained about our golfer-in-chief briefly making a statement about a U.S. citizen being beheaded by ISIS before heading back for some fun? Or any of the numerous things Mr. Obama did? No? Huh.

You can bet that the Philadelphia Enquirer’s Inquirer’s Excitable Will Bunch doesn’t remember, either

Cable TV president launches cable TV war — and the reviews are boffo!

Sometimes in America, the rocket’s red glare is all the proof through the night that you really need.

The folks over at the Pentagon understand that well, which is why — even as the flames from 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles that struck a Syrian airstrip were still smoldering on Thursday night — the military brass made sure all of the TV networks were rapidly supplied with video of the Xbox-perfect launches from Navy ships in the Mediterranean Sea. The  reddish streaks of combustible fuel gave instant light and clarity to the muddled darkness of an Arabian night, and so they played over and over again on cable TV networks thirsty for pictures to illuminate the drama and importance of President Trump’s most high-profile miltary adventure since taking office.

So, news outlets were supposed to ignore the strike? Bunch does understand he’s slamming his employer, as well, which had plenty of ink about the strikes, along with the pictures, right? And that he’s slamming the U.S. Navy in an attempt to be the #Resistance to Trump, right?

Did Will have complaints about the photo op of Obama sitting around while our Special Ops folks where taking out Bin Laden? Or when we got all the pictures of Obama being Serious and Involved when we struck back against Islamic jihadis in Benghazi? Oh, wait, right. My Bad.

The pictures were beautiful, but the policy was a mess. No one understood exactly why the most politically inexperienced and most truth-challenged president in American history had just pulled a complete flip-flop in the world’s most volatile civil war. No one could explain on what legal authority Trump had launched the deadly missiles, whether our allies knew this was coming — or what happens next. There were no pictures showing the seven people said to be killed when those “fearsome armaments” slammed into the al-Shayrat airfield, the part of the video game we rarely see.

It’s not hard to understand, and I’d bet the majority, even unhinged liberals get it: Syria used Sarin on its citizens, Trump and his people said “can’t cross that red line without consequences”, and he put Assad on notice that the use of chemical weapons will get a quick response. It doesn’t have to be anything more. There doesn’t have to be a deep meaning, nor a change in the overall policy of Stand Off, which was set by Team Obama.

Three days later, it’s impossible to say how history books will view the U.S. missile strike on Syria — as a strange blip in a six-year civil war that’s killed 500,000 people and created millions of refugees, as just another nocturnal emission of cruise missiles from a nation that’s fired off more than 1,000 from Iraq to Libya to Somalia since 2001…or, less likely, as the Archduke Ferdinand moment of the 21st Century.

I think the history books will have more than enough time to discuss Obama’s fecklessness in regards to Syria rather than discussing Trump’s missile strike. Then again, if Assad never uses chemical weapons again, well, then, I wonder if Bunch will be happy to write “you know, that strike Made A Difference”?

But in the broader context of humanity — and this strange and sometimes, yes, beautiful world that we’ve created after millions of years of evolution — I believe that what we witnessed on April 6, 2017, marked a dangerous turning point. Vital decisions of war and peace, life and death, have been sucked into our vortex of around-the-clock entertainment.

And now the true derangement starts, and continues on for quite some time. Entirely too much to excerpt. But, let’s put it in context: can you imagine this derangement towards Obama? Or if Hillary Clinton, who thought there should be quick strikes against Syria for the use of chemical weapons, and approved of the strike, was president and did it herself?

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5 Responses to “TDS: Cable TV President Launches Cable TV War Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Or if Hillary Clinton, who thought there should be quick strikes against Syria for the use of chemical weapons, and approved of the strike, was president and did it herself?

    Secretary Clinton ran as a hawk on Syria. We all knew she would order military intervention at the slightest provocation – that’s one reason the Russians heartily supported trump – and why many Americans opposed her. trump ran as libertarian-lite non-interventionist – repeatedly saying that Syria was Syria’s problem. “America First!” No more Iraqs or Kosovos for trump’s America.

    He flip-flopped on Syria to shore up his poll numbers. He sent a carrier strike group toward the East China Sea to also help shift attention from his pitiful domestic record.

    Jobs, he cried! Jobs! The best, most wonderful, jobs in history, evah! Last month’s new jobs report was 1/2 of expected. Even more people dropped out of the job market. Manufacturing jobs are still leaving.

    Presidenting is hard!

    No wonder trumpy has found the salvation for all foundering politicos: boats and bombs!

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Hillary also lied about trying to join the military just like you, little guy.

    • formwiz says:

      One round of missiles is not an intervention and his domestic record is doing just fine.

      The markets are up, the flow of illegals has been cut 2/3, the first round of Moslems is going back to Somalia, the debt has been cut bu 100B, jobs are, in fact, coming back, and the long term job trend is good (I know Lefties don’t read past the headlines), and Neil Gorsuch is on SCUS.

      And that’s just the first 2 1/2 months.

  2. formwiz says:

    For the record, it’s Philadelphia Inquirer.

    The National Enquirer supports Trump, the Inky is about as Lefty as you can get.

  3. bobmark says:

    So Trump enforced Obamas red line in the sand?

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