Executive Order Targets Sanctuary Cities

Trump signed many executive orders today, one of them being on sanctuary cities

(CNN) The executive orders also seek to end sanctuary cities and the practice of releasing undocumented immigrants detained by federal officials before trial. White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the executive action directed at sanctuary cities would strip grant funding for cities that “harbor illegal immigrants.”

This has not made the pro-illegal alien weenies happy, but

(USA Today) In what could become a major conflict between President Trump and local governments, the showdown on “sanctuary cities” likely will result in legal challenges testing how far the White House can go in dictating its priorities.

Trump will be armed with a range of powerful options, including federal lawsuits and the power to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in grants that states and cities rely on.

Here’s the thing: Democrats loved how Obama used his pen and phone, which, of course, was primarily his pen, signing EOs left and right. We told them this could come around and bite them in the posterior. At the end of the day, though, sanctuary cities are violating federal and state law. If they don’t want to support the law, well, there are consequences.

The text of the EO is available here (pt 1) and here (pt 2). Twitchy has a smattering of tweets of unhinged liberals losing it over this order, and I’ve run across plenty more on Twitter. Here’s my favorite

That’s interesting. 2nd Amendment supporters have been saying that “comprehensive gun reform” is not an attack on criminals, but on law abiding citizens. Of course, the vast majority of gun owners are staying within the law. Sanctuary cities  aren’t.

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7 Responses to “Executive Order Targets Sanctuary Cities”

  1. Liam Thomas says:

    Many of us including ME…Warned against the nuclear option and the power of the pen…..

    Obama and Harry Reid was setting a dangerous precedent and that whats gonna happen when a Republican gets in the White house…..

    Honestly I dont think the left ever thought that a Republican could ever again be elected to the White House…I really believe that was their thought process.

  2. xtron says:

    throw a few mayors, police chiefs, and city counsel members in jail with federal charges of harboring a criminal(multiple counts) and consperacy to impead justice and watch the leftists heads explode. followed quickly by an end to sancuary cities

  3. Jeffery says:

    Our weenie in chief, trumpelthinskin, can’t stand any opposition. Now he’s ordering the DOJ to investigate all those illegal voters that voted against him, LOL. He’s a fooking joke. He wants scientists not to talk about their results. He threatens to send “the feds” into American cities. And he wants to punish Americans that disagree with him. He wants to waterboard who the hell knows.

    Hitler was elected, too.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Our weenie in chief, trumpelthinskin, can’t stand any opposition. Now he’s ordering the DOJ to investigate all those illegal voters that voted against him,

    So you support illegally cast votes.

    Got it.

    He wants scientists not to talk about their results.

    You want federal employees to break the law and advocate for political causes.

    Got it.

    He threatens to send “the feds” into American cities.

    You don’t want him to enforce the laws.

    Got it.

    Trump is the president. Hillary never will be president.

    Get over it.

  5. AndyG55 says:

    “all those illegal voters that voted against him”

    So you admit that illegal voters were mostly against him.

    And you support this illegal voting.

    For illegal voting….

    Against the Constitution….

    Against democracy…

    You really ARE a democrat supporter, aren’t you Jeffles.

  6. Hank_M says:

    Another great move by Trump.
    We’re either a nation of laws or we aren’t.
    Trump is restoring the rule of law and the left continues their epic meltdown.

  7. Liam Thomas says:

    Additionally the stupid leftist press forced him into a corner by stating over and over and over and over and over again during his presser on Monday IF YOU THINK THIS IS TRUE THEN WHY DONT YOU INVESTIGATE IT….the talking heads even on FOX were saying WELL GOSH IF THIS IS EVEN REMOTELY TRUE THEN AN INVESTIGATION MUST HAPPEN…….

    So because YOU asked for it……YOU got it……lets find out once and for all.

    The more shit goes on the more Jeffery and his marxist buddies are horrified….they simply use any means in their Saul Alinsky tactics on the president…..

    The HUGE difference and why these alinsky tactics wont work on trump is because he his beholded to no one and he uses the tactics in return back on the left who have been busy swatting flies……

    Hit them from a 1000 directions, never let up, never give them time to address one problem before another is revealed….Hence all the signing orders, the introduction of the next Supreme court justice, the constant flurry of executive orders, a press conference every day, tweets…the press’s heads are gonna explode pretty soon…..

    ALREADY YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE CROWDS…and now the ILLEGAL VOTES and so on and so on……..ITS EXACTLY WHAT OBAMA DID….the press could never wrap itself around one scandal before the next one hit….

    Get use to it…..Its fun dealing with Alinsky tactics isnt it Jeffy?

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 57% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-three percent (43%) disapprove.


    However Gallup 46/45 in favor
    Economist/Ugov 43/39 in favor
    Reuters/Ipsos..43/45 against

    9-12 percent are witholding their opinion and history reveals that those always swing for trump so basically he is nearing the 60 percent approval already….Even some on the left will jump on the bandwagon when those union guys/gals start getting jobs that TRUMP created for them.

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