Climate Change And Women Are Linked In March On Washington

Good news, women! The Cult Of Climastrology is trying to appropriate the march on Washington, much like it attempts to do with everything

Why we march against Trump: violence against women and the Earth is linked

The incoming president of the United States will assume office as a tide of hundreds of thousands of women and allies from across the country, and over 350 cities worldwide, take to the streets to demonstrate their dire concerns, resistance, opposition and demands to the new administration.

On 21 January, women and men will join the Women’s March on Washington, the largest protest in response to a new president in American history, to stand for a spectrum of diverse causes – including women’s and LGBTQ rights, racial justice, indigenous rights, immigration rights, worker’s rights and environmental justice.

Unless you are pro-life, then they don’t want those women there. Oh, and let’s not forget that “Women Of Color” have told white Women to sit down and shut up.

Within the many distinct calls being made, however, there remains a collective driving force – a fierce understanding of the need to stand boldly for the safety of our world at a critical juncture for the Earth, women’s rights and the American democratic experiment.

In response to Donald Trump’s dangerous position on climate change and appointment of fossil fuel industry executives and climate deniers to the country’s top leadership positions, a coalition of diverse groups will join the march as a Women for Climate Justice contingent. The groups are calling for immediate action on climate change, an end to extraction of fossil fuels, and protection of our lands, waters and children’s futures.

Hmm. You have women (and wimpy liberal males) taking fossil fueled trips from all over America to Washington, D.C., and there are even folks coming from around the world on fossil fueled flights. You’ll see the same thing in those 350 cities world wide.

It is important to highlight that violence against the Earth is directly linked to violence against women – and that patriarchy, colonization, imperialism and capitalism are all based in great part upon power over and exploitation of women, the land and peoples of color around the world.

You know what? If only these same nutters were as concerned with the plight of women in Muslim dominated countries. And the way women are treated by Muslim men as those “refugees” stream into Europe and molest, sexually assault, and rape women, not too mention the way they disrespect women.

BTW, it’s capitalism that allows these Moonbats to publish their screeds, travel to protests, and dress themselves for the protests. Oh, and take all the pictures and put them on Twitter, Facebook, etc, during the protests.


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8 Responses to “Climate Change And Women Are Linked In March On Washington”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Speaking of perverts:

    Democrats attract support from The Worst People in America — selfish and dishonest people, criminals and perverts — and not by coincidence. The Democrat Party’s policy agenda and rhetoric are deliberately designed to appeal to the worst impulses of the vile dregs of humanity:

  2. Jeffery says:

    I thought trump had blocked the Woman March?

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    You thought you had joined the Army, too.

  4. I thought trump had blocked the Woman March?

    You should stop reading unhinged leftist websites like Shakesville.

  5. Jeffery says:

    Teach typed:

    and wimpy liberal males

    Wethinks the lady doth protest too much.

    Don’t you have a mirror?

  6. Jl says:

    “Liberal males”. Actually, not quite clear if they’re males.

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