We’ve Been Warned About Cold Winters From ‘Climate Change’!

How can you tell that something is a cult and not a science? When everything bad that happens is the result of people refusing to comply with the edicts of the cult

The politics of harsh winters
In the past, extreme weather and disastrous harvests have proved socially divisive. We have been warned, say climate researchers

In the winter of 1432-33 people in Scotland “had to use fire to melt the wine before drinking it” ran a line in the research about the coldest decade of winters in the last 1,000 years.

Short of real temperature readings, descriptions of such incidents and records of rivers and lakes freezing over for months at a time, tree rings and ice cores are what climate scientists have to use to trace weather extremes of the past.

In the past, this was all natural. Now?

Part of the research is looking at how the cold decade affected society’s attitudes. The famines and subsequent epidemics among the weakened populations were often blamed on minorities, although in some cities, including London, there was a more constructive approach. Communal grain stores were built so as many people could be kept alive as possible – the medieval equivalent of food banks.

With the erratic behaviour of the weather with climate change, the researchers say it is conceivable that Europe could have another run of poor harvests. That would raise food prices, but what are the other possible consequences, and who would get the blame? The researchers say we should prepare for such shocks.

Got that? Because of Mankind and their fossil fuels addiction, we could be looking at poor harvests from carbon pollution cold weather.

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3 Responses to “We’ve Been Warned About Cold Winters From ‘Climate Change’!”

  1. Liam Thomas says:

    Has anyone noticed how the meme is now about COLD and about climate change causing damage via cold snaps and crop failures.

    I think Me and a few other people have finally caught the attention of the pundits for AGW and they have begun looking at a full body of evidence not just CO2.

    The real danger in climate change is not a warmer planet…..its the very real possibility of the next ice age.

    Evidence always suggests a run up of co2 prior to the planet plunging into the next Ice AGE….

    I have always been a pundit of the next coming ice age….its been 18k years since the last one ended….we are DUE for the next one……and many things are lining up to make this a reality including the cutting of the rainforest which is forcing the Atlantic to SINK CO2 which changes the alkalinity of the ocean and leads eventually to a rapid shut down of the North Atlantic conveyor Belt…..

    The DO research confirm the rapid onset of such events geologically…..Co2 is a problem but not in the way the AGW boneheads are portraying it…..and their incessant rants about all the ice melting has taken the eyes off the true problems facing this world……not melting ice but North Atlantic shut down of the warm water conveyor belt that will lead to the next ice age.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    It really doesn’t matter because, according to those that know, the end of the world is this Friday…

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