Poor Little Snowflake Learns She Doesn’t Set JC Penney’s Dress Code

This is an interesting story that is trending, with lots and lots of articles out there, mostly saying how utterly horrible JCP is for sending this poor (feminist) girl home to change

(HuffPost) A former JCPenney employee has taken to Twitter to illustrate just how hypocritical dress codes for women can be.

“Boss sent me home for wearing ‘too revealing’ shorts that I bought from the store I work at in the career section,” Sylva Stoel tweeted on Friday. She included a photo of herself in a pair of red shorts that hit at about mid-thigh.

Associated tweet

The shorts would be acceptable, perhaps, at a surf shop, but JCP has a dress code, and it doesn’t include wearing shorts. They tightened their standards up in 2013, because customers couldn’t tell the difference between other customers and employees. Very few retail stores allow anyone to wear shorts. But, hey, feminism!

She said she quit the job, and is glad her experience is starting conversations about how women are treated in the workplace.

“Unfair dress codes affect millions of women, and it’s time to speak out against them,” she said.

It’s now “unfair” to require employees to wear appropriate attire, I guess. Hey, perhaps she could purchase her own store and allow employees to wear whatever they want. BTW, in quite a few workplaces, men have it much tighter than women. We have to have our shirts tucked in, we have to wear shoes and socks, rather than sockless shoes and sandals, and often have to wear ties. So, cry me a river.

This next tweet comes via Hello Giggles

So, is she saying Millennials are slobs with a poor work ethic?

“I could’ve lectured [my boss] on feminist theory with an emphasis on body-shaming, but I doubted that my speech would be appreciated,” Stoel told Mic. “So, I saved that bit for Twitter.”

Have fun getting a job when employers realize she will be a problem, and possibly a lawsuit, waiting to happen.

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8 Responses to “Poor Little Snowflake Learns She Doesn’t Set JC Penney’s Dress Code”

  1. The Neon Madman says:

    She also doesn’t seem to understand that employers are known to Google the names of prospective employees. Good luck finding your next job, honey!

  2. Mike says:

    Maybe split the difference between a burka and the shorts next time?

  3. Stacey alves says:

    Her outfit looks unprofessional for any job. Point blank. I swear people do anything for attention. Good job on Jcpenny letting this kid go.

  4. john says:

    When Teach are you going to allow your employees to open carry at work ?

  5. Jeffery says:

    Twitter is the perfect vehicle for the self-absorbed tweedling about the gaping maw of meaninglessness in their lives.

    She’ll probably get a reality show on Bravo.

  6. Deserttrek says:

    i bet she is socially aware and does all the politically correct things
    I’m sure her parents are proud

  7. david7134 says:

    This generation really seems to be lacking. I know employers that have a really tough time finding candidates from this age group. I have heard of people applying for jobs that go to the interviews with their parents!! My son just finished college and it is amazing the stories he has of parents running their kids lives by texting and constant supervision.

  8. mojo says:

    I favor retroactive abortion for people born between 1995 and 2005. The wasted generation known as “millennials”.

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