SJWs Want Fayetteville Seal Changed Because It Might Offend

Next up on the agenda for the social justice warriors

(WRAL) Black leaders in Fayetteville are calling for the removal of the image of the Market House building from the city seal, saying it is a symbol of slavery.

Past president of the Fayetteville Area Minority Lawyers Association, Allen Rogers, has written the mayor and city council asking the seal be changed. The president of the local NAACP agrees.

“I think it is offensive and I think it’s divisive,” Rogers said. “As we try to attract people and businesses in Fayetteville, I think it does nothing to help that cause.”

Slave sales were conducted in Fayetteville near the Market House, although there is little evidence the building itself was used.

Got that? No evidence it was ever used for slavery, but, hey, it was near, so the Fayetteville town seal needs to be changed!!!!! Now! Because someone is offended!

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2 Responses to “SJWs Want Fayetteville Seal Changed Because It Might Offend”

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  2. Jeffery says:

    This is not a recent development.

    Some black members of the City Council say they are offended by the Market House and no longer want the city to use its image on its seal, website or other paraphernalia. Police cars and badges stopped including the building’s emblem 20 years ago because of the same concerns.

    A plaque on the Market House says it honors the memory of individuals “sold as slaves at this place.” The original building at the site burned in a 1831 fire. It was replaced with the present structure, now a museum.

    When he was associate superintendent of the then city schools in the 1980s, (now Mayor) Brown had the Market House removed from high school diplomas.

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