Only 14 NC Magistrates Opt Out Of Performing Gay Marriage

Obviously, their lives must be destroyed

(WRAL)  Only 2 percent of North Carolina magistrates have taken advantage of a new state law allowing them to express their opposition to same-sex marriage by opting out of performing all weddings.

Senate Bill 2 was adopted on June 11 after lawmakers overrode Gov. Pat McCrory’s veto of the measure. The law allows magistrates and staffers in county register of deeds offices to opt out of presiding at weddings or issuing marriage licenses, respectively, for a “sincerely held religious objection.” Although the recusals cover all weddings for at least six months, the legislation has been widely read as a way to give legal cover to those who object to gay marriage.

14 out of 672 have said “nope!” ahead of time. Others can say “nope!” at the time, because they do not have to announce their intentions ahead of time. Expect the 14 to be abused by SSM SJWs, because tolerance

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One Response to “Only 14 NC Magistrates Opt Out Of Performing Gay Marriage”

  1. John says:

    Yeah it sounds like the same type that 40 years ago opted out of performing interracial marriages because of conflicts with their own beliefs. There are always some social conservatives that cling to the past and want to continue some form of discrimination
    Teach you can see that discrimination against people because of sexual idenitity has now fallen so much that only 2% opt out. Now of course the clowns running for the GOP nomination MUST appeal to the hard core base, so they must say they too approve of this type of discrimination

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