New Mexico Document Fraud Crackdown Leads To Plummeting Illegal Alien License Applications

Supporters of illegal aliens, along with the illegal aliens themselves, have been pushing hard to allow illegal aliens to be allowed to obtain legal state driver’s licenses, for the stated reason of making sure that illegals who drive have these licenses so that they can purchase auto insurance. Yeah, it’s stupid, but, what else should we expect from those who support illegal aliens. Of course, the real reason is to subtly provide a reason to legalize them, and give them ways to access legal American services

(Fox News) A crackdown on document fraud has sent the number of driver’s licenses issued to illegal aliens in New Mexico plunging by 70 percent, while revealing that the state likely issued tens of thousands of bogus licenses after becoming the first state to adopt the controversial policy a dozen years ago.

Last year, New Mexico issued 4,577 licenses to foreign nationals, down sharply from the 2010 high of about 15,000. Officials in the administration of Gov. Susana Martinez, who opposes the policy but has been unable to get it repealed, say the huge drop came as soon as new procedures were implemented to identify fraudulent documents that had been submitted to obtain licenses.

“While this is encouraging news, Gov. Martinez still sides with an overwhelming majority of New Mexicans who believe we must repeal the dangerous law of giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, which has turned our state into a magnet for criminal activity,” said Mike Lonergan, spokesman for the governor.

New Mexico became the first of 10 states to issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in 2003, under then-Gov. Bill Richardson, who claimed it would cut down on uninsured drivers in the state. But while the policy’s effect on public safety has been inconclusive, critics say it launched a cottage industry for criminals to sell fraudulent documents.

Last year, federal officials broke up a five-year operation — which extended from New Mexico to New York — that saw illegal immigrants from Georgia paying as much as $2,000 to obtain documents to secure a New Mexico driver’s license.

Many other states now offer driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, however, New Mexico and Washington are the worst, as they have “no legally present requirements and no expiration with visa or authorization to stay”.

The licenses can be used as official documents for I-9’s when applying for a job. A job that they shouldn’t have in the first place. They don’t stop illegals from having accidents. Don’t forget, many of the 9/11 terrorist obtained valid licenses using fake names in Virginia, licenses that expired long after their official visa dates.

Finally, let’s not forget that those fraudulent documents used can often mean identity theft, which can harm legal U.S. citizens. Perhaps someone could explain why supporters of illegal aliens are picking these lawbreakers over their fellow citizens.

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3 Responses to “New Mexico Document Fraud Crackdown Leads To Plummeting Illegal Alien License Applications”

  1. john says:

    The average length of time an undocumented person has been in the USA is 11 years.
    Yes it is true Teach your world view is collapsing all around you.
    Rightists just seem to be losing everywhere, and 2016? Not looking good Teach

  2. Good for the governor. The next target should be voter/vote fraud – another little rock that the left and RINOs don’t want turned over.

  3. JGlanton says:

    Of the more than 2,200 people who received federal sentences for drug possession in fiscal year 2014, almost three-quarters of them were illegal immigrants, according to new data from the United States Sentencing Commission.

    Illegal immigrants also made up more than one-third of all federal sentences, that data said.

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