House Votes To Allow States To Opt-Out Of Obama’s Climate Change Plans

Many states have already decided, at the Governors level and/or legislative level, that they will not comply with Obama’s EPA rules. Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, has just stated that Indiana will not comply. And

(National Journal) House Republicans advanced a bill Wednesday that would let states decide whether they want to follow upcoming Obama administration rules aimed at cutting climate pollution from power plants.

In a 247-180 vote, the House cleared a bill from Republican Rep. Ed Whitfield of Kentucky that would let governors opt out of the rules from the Environmental Protection Agency, which require states to limit carbon emissions from existing power plants. The bill would also delay implementation of the rule—set to be finalized this summer—until all legal challenges are settled, a process that could stretch on for years.

Obviously, Democrats are very much against this, and Obama has already threatened a veto. Apparently, they want to skyrocket the cost of electricity, put people out of jobs, and increase the cost of living, which would harm the poor and middle classes.

The House will also debate a fiscal 2016 appropriations bill this week that would limit the EPA’s ability to enforce the rule, although final votes on that bill will come after the July 4 recess.

For all the yammering from Democrats about being the party of the little guy/gal, their support of “climate change” rules, regs, and laws hurts the little guy/gal. Their rich donors won’t notice a thing. Of course, this is exactly why Warmists are stating that “climate change” is a health hazard, in order to say “hey, we’re doing this for your own good”. Which is exactly what is meant by calling Progressivism “nice fascism”. Massive government control of individuals, private entities, and economies for your own good.

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One Response to “House Votes To Allow States To Opt-Out Of Obama’s Climate Change Plans”

  1. john says:

    Teach really you should stop using the scare words “skyrocketing”
    Please also note that the region with the lowest costs was the Pacific. Their electric bills were 20% less than NC
    I guess this is because of all those pollution restrictions and also high renewable energy costs
    Please tell us all about YOUR own skyrocketing electric costs under Obama
    Were any of these costs related to the huge coal fly ash spill into te Dan river ?

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