Surprise: June In Baltimore Is Still Pretty Darned Violent And Murderous

Certain residents of Baltimore wanted a lighter police presence, and got what they wished for. Police are now mostly being reactive, rather than proactive, which had previously helped hold down the violence which had made Baltimore safer than just 3% of American cities, with a violent crime rate almost four times the nation average

(Baltimore Sun) Baltimore police announced the arrests of two men in the death of a 16-year-old girl and the indictments of 11 members of a suspected drug crew they say might be responsible for some of the violence that has roiled the city in recent weeks.

The arrests and indictments come as police face criticism amid a surge of shootings and killings since the arrest of Freddie Gray. The 25-year-old Baltimore man died in April after suffering a severe spinal cord injury in police custody.

“We are in the battle,” police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts said Thursday. “You can see we are in the battle, and we’re showing you we are in the battle and we’re taking this very seriously.”

The city recorded 42 homicides in May — the deadliest month in 25 years — and has started June with 14 more.

The two men arrested are serious scumbags, having broken in to the home, sexually assaulting her, then strangling her with an electrical cord. All for a score of $40, a laptop, and an iPad. Then they set her body and the house on fire. You’ll have to read the rest of the article to see how “evil” these guys were, as Police Maj. Stanley Bradford called their motive. The girl knew these two scumbags, and had been hanging out with them. She had even talked to Dixon just a few hours prior.

This is life in Baltimore. Homicides and shootings, along with robberies and auto thefts, are way up in Baltimore post-Freddie Gray funeral, arrests way down. And it doesn’t help that the community is less engaged with police. The dangerous situation to police in these neighborhoods with the high crime has required the Baltimore PD to double up officers, meaning a systematic decrease in police coverage.

Around the nation, communities and police departments are struggling to adapt to an era of heightened scrutiny, when every stop can be recorded on a cellphone. But residents, clergy members and neighborhood leaders say the past six weeks have made another reality clear: that as much as some officers regularly humiliated and infuriated many who live here, angering gang members and solid citizens alike, the solution has to be better policing, not a diminished police presence.

Funny, most articles and preachings fail to mention what their ideas for better policing are. Most tend to be squishy feel good Kumbaya notions that fail to reduce crime. They also fail to mention what they will do to get the people in their neighborhoods to be less criminal.

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12 Responses to “Surprise: June In Baltimore Is Still Pretty Darned Violent And Murderous”

  1. Dana says:

    Mr Teach, don’t you understand? These poor young men didn’t know any better, couldn’t know any better, because wicked white people wouldn’t invite them over to their private swimming pools in their gated communities.

  2. John says:

    So for the past 25 years things have gotten better and now they have returned back to whst they were like in 1995?
    Did you happen to notice that the population of Baltimore. Has also gone up by 100000 during the past 25 years ?
    Probably not.
    Teach what did you do in high school? Obviously not debate and I can’t see uou on their wrestling team

  3. The population of Baltimore in 1995 was almost 702k. The latest census had Baltimore just under 623k. That would be a decline, John, not a 100k increase. The population has been declining since the late 1960s.

    I’m guessing you failed 2nd grade math quite a bit, John, since you want to go personal.

  4. PS: you forgot to address the central points of the post. Why is that, John? We know it’s tough to defend liberal policies which create crime and criminals.

  5. Liam Thomas says:

    The Astro-turfers just throw crap out and hope it sticks. Most of them dont intend to win debates….they simply want to stir the pot and use Alinsky tactics to make the opposition swat flies.

    Hit them from all sides as Alinsky says…when they master one tactic hit them with another….keep the pressure on…never let up.

    This is what your liberal/progressive posters do here…..Its intended to just follow a script.

    The entire concept is to make them think you have more power then they actually do.

    This can be seen from local elections in which the progressive policies are soundly defeated once they are in full display for everyone to see.

    The problem is nationally the GOP has a hard time winning the presidency for the same reasons from Carter to Clinton the Democrats could not win an election…………..

    That reason was they kept coming off too RADICAL, to extreme and too far to the left to win nationally even though during this time they were not doing badly locally.

    Now the shoe is on the other foot and the GOP is in the same boat….until they tone down the radicalness UNTIL THEY WIN THE WHITE HOUSE they are unelectable nationally….

    THIS MY FRIENDS is exactly why conservative blogs are being astro-turfed non stop to continue to stir up the Radicals on the right, make them angry and bring out the worst in them….making them appear to radical, too unhinged and hence……NOT ELECTABLE.

    Moderation until ELECTION……thats always been my advice to the right.

  6. Jeffery says:

    Although Baltimore is chock a block with vile Negroes, it seems the most violence prone US states are red states.

    Here’s the list of states with most firearms deaths per capita.

    1. Alaska
    2. Louisiana
    3. Mississippi
    4. Alabama
    5. Montana
    6. Arkansas
    7. Wyoming
    8. Oklahoma
    9. New Mexico
    10. Tennessee

    Except for NM they are all run by conservatives. Except for Alaska they are amongst the poorest states. Liberals would likely note the link between violent crime and poverty, while conservatives would blame the violence on personal traits, culture, genetics and leadership. Several of these states, e.g., Alaska, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming have some of the lowest percentages of vile Negroes of all the states.

  7. gitarcarver says:

    Here’s the list of states with most firearms deaths per capita.

    Except of course that Jeffery and his list try to equate crime with a gun and deaths with a gun. Once again, Jeffery has a problem with comprehension.

  8. Jeffery says:

    THIS MY FRIENDS is exactly why conservative blogs are being astro-turfed non stop to continue to stir up the Radicals on the right, make them angry and bring out the worst in them….making them appear to radical, too unhinged

    LOL. So the problem isn’t the counterproductive, STUPID and cruel policy proposals of conservatives, it’s the liberals making the conservatives angry and ALL RILED UP! LOL

    Moderation until ELECTION……thats always been my advice to the right.

    So your plan is to lay low on the RADICAL stuff into you get total power, then you’ll lower the boom on all those non-radicals.

  9. Jeffery says:

    And again gitar deflects and lies. Two thirds of murders are committed by firearms as are over half of suicides.

    According to the FBI, Tennessee, Nevada and Alaska have the highest rates of violent crime, and Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont the lowest.

    Why are red states so violent? Aren’t they populated by conservatives with conservative values who elect conservative Republicans?

  10. drowningpuppies says:

    Two thirds of murders are committed by firearms as are over half of suicides.

    Firearms neither murder nor commit suicide.
    People do.
    Thanks again for revealing leftist stupidity.
    You’re the gift that keeps on giving.iving.

  11. Jeffery says:

    dp, the grammar cop,

    You got me good, there.

    Why are red states, run by conservative Republicans, so violent?

    There are more Black folks in an apartment building in Baltimore than in the entire state of Alaska, yet Alaska has more deaths resulting from firearms per capita and more violent crime per capita than almost any other state. Wasn’t the conservative genius Sarah Palin the half-governor there once? Is Alaska not conservative enough?

    Based on Alaska – they rank 2nd in household income (~ $70,000/yr), few large decaying cities, among the lowest poverty rate, only 4% Blacks, 60% of homes with guns (behind only Wyoming), conservative citizens and politicians – shouldn’t it be the safest state by far?

    Why is there so much violent crime in Alaska (third highest rate in America – Tennessee is the most violent)? Are the conservative white men more “rapey” there? Do thugs (Black) from Baltimore travel there, steal the stuff from real Americans (white) and go back home? Have most of the violent conservative whites moved there?

    According to Teach, all violent crime occurs in predominantly Black cities with Dem mayors, proving that Blacks and Dems are violent.

    Conservative Republicans control the US Senate, House and Supreme Court. 31 Governorships, 33 State Houses, 35 State Senates. Not coincidentally, they occupy most of America’s board rooms. The Conservative Republican/Corporate political machine has won (although they do share power somewhat with the Democratic/Corporate wing). When they figure out how to rig presidential elections, their domination will be complete. Their minority rules America, yet the majority of Americans nationwide disagree with their policy prescriptions.

    How does a minority maintain rule and control over a majority?

  12. THIS MY FRIENDS is exactly why conservative blogs are being astro-turfed non stop

    OK, Jeff, provide rock solid proof. Prove that it happens here. No one pays me to write anything on here. Posts are written by no one by me. You can call me names, insult me, but, do not question my integrity.

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