Officer Pulls Weapon During “Pool Party”, Media Freaks

Have you seen this one yet?

Texas Police Officer “On Administrative Leave” After Pulling Weapon On Teens During Pool Party

The officer was filmed aggressively handcuffing black teens before drawing his weapon to scare away others who had come to their aid.

This is being turned into a big raaaaacism issue by the mostly leftist media and websites covering it, along with Police Brutality. Sites like the Huffington Post go down the same route. This evil cop apparently pulled his gun! On Black kids in bathing suits! The McKinney PD has responded

On June 5, 2015 at approximately 7:15 p.m., officers from the McKinney Police Department responded to a disturbance at the Craig Ranch North Community Pool. The initial call came in as a disturbance involving multiple juveniles at the location, who do not live in the area or have permission to be there, refusing to leave. McKinney Police received several additional calls related to this incident advising that juveniles were now actively fighting.

First responding officers encountered a large crowd that refused to comply with police commands. Nine additional units responded to the scene. Officers were eventually able to gain control of the situation.

McKinney Police later learned of a video that was taken at the scene by an unknown party. This video has raised concerns that are being investigated by the McKinney Police Department. At this time, one of the responding officers has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation.

Buuuuuuuut, there are a few issues with the Leftist narrative, which the Leftists attempt to gloss over

(Breitbart) Left media is ablaze with articles condemning the police response to a pool party at a McKinney, Texas, subdivision. Now a video is emerging showing why police were called to the scene to begin with – violence.

Residents in a McKinney subdivision were hosting an end-of-school party in their private community pool. Many teens who were not residents of the subdivision began showing up. Some had been invited by residents, some had not. An ad for the event had been placed on social media sites.

Teens who were not invited began climbing the fence to get in, according to reports from residents of the area. Trouble began when they were asked to leave by residents and pool management.

The kids were fighting with the adults who asked them to leave, because they were trespassing. And fighting. And breaking things.

One resident, Benet Embry, a black man, posted on Facebook about the events leading up to the police call. “Look, I LIVE in this community and this ENTIRE incident is NOT racial at all,” Embry wrote. “A few THUGS spoiled a COMMUNITY event by fighting, jumping over fences into a PRIVATE pool, harassing and damaging property. Not EVERYTHING is about RACE. WE have other issues that NEED our attention other flights of made up make believe causes.”

Another McKinney resident, Bryan Gestner, posted on Facebook, “This was a Twitter party that turned into a mob event. Jumping pool fence. Assaulting 2 security guards, attacking a mother with three little girls. The video doesn’t show everything.” He continued saying the kids were drinking and “smoking weed” and they would not listen to any of the adults around the pool.

Watch the video. Notice that the police officer pulls out his gun when a kid is quickly approaching him while he attempts to get the girl in the bikini down on the ground, while she resists. He used the proper amount of force in attempting to get her to the ground, while she resists, which, remember, is a criminal violation. Pulling his service weapon may not have been the optimum solution, however, he saw a threat coming towards him during a volatile situation, one in which he was down near the ground and only had one hand free.

The police could have charged the girl, but, instead, they let her go after being briefly detained.

Gestner wrapped up his post alleging that these same kids came back into the neighborhood Saturday night. They were “kicking in people’s front door, stole a truck and crashed it into many vehicles. They vandalized dozens of cars and were stealing things.”

So, a bunch of teenage thugs, who shouldn’t have been at the pool in the first place, caused all sorts of problems, then came back to cause more. Funny how all the Leftists are excusing that behavior.

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3 Responses to “Officer Pulls Weapon During “Pool Party”, Media Freaks”

  1. Jeffery says:

    The cops are learning! They didn’t kill a single Black kid this time!

    a bunch of teenage thugs

    The only thug was wearing a black outfit, wore white socks and was pointing a gun at kids.

    The police could have charged the girl, but, instead,

    there was a video showing the cop abusing a 15 year old Black girl, so rather than arresting her the police suspended the thug cop.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    The cops are learning! They didn’t kill a single Black kid this time!

    Thugs and liberals aren’t learning and think it is okay to rush at a cop in the performance of his lawful duties!

    The only thug was wearing a black outfit, wore white socks and was pointing a gun at kids.

    Andrew Branca over at has a good breakdown of what occurred here. He concludes with:

    In a nutshell then:

    Unlawful acts by [Officer] Casebolt?


    Unlawful acts by the various members of the crowd?

    Refusal to comply with lawful police orders, by the whole non-compliant mob.
    Resisting, by Dajerria Bectom
    Simple assault, by Bectom’s friend who encroached on Casebolt subduing Bectom
    Aggravated assault, by each of the males who rushed at the officer while he was subduing Bectom

    But of course, despite the fact that other minority cops where there and subdued other kids, Jeffery like a good little liberal pulls out the race card.

    The police were responding to a call for assistance in removing trespassers from the property as well as breaking up fights involving the kids. If the kids had obeyed the officers and their legal, lawful orders, none of this would have happened. Instead, the kids played the “you’re not the boss of me” trick.

    It is not surprising the Jeffery backs the lawbreakers because that is what liberals do.

    there was a video showing the cop abusing a 15 year old Black girl, so rather than arresting her the police suspended the thug cop.

    The cop was not suspended. He was placed on administrative leave which has a different meaning. I don’t expect Jeffery to get the facts right in these cases but after awhile his racist and immature rants are tiresome.

  3. david7134 says:

    What would response have been if the kids were white? I don’t think you would have had the same amount of out rage. That makes you a racist as you excuse the behavior of thugs who happen to be blacks. I actually agree that we have a cop problem. But we do not have a racist cop problem as the cops are not under the racist laws propagated by the black laws of Northern states. Certainly, individual cops may be sick to death of black culture, especially the ghetto sub-culture. But guess what, you don’t have to like all culture or approve of the excess that are demonstrated by that culture.

    I suspect that you have lived your life in the liberal white bread world and never seen the really bad areas of town, even with your claim of coming from a bad area. I have lived in areas that the cops will not go into. I have worked in environments where we were shot at on a regular basis just like a war zone, except the area was a major city in the US. What you don’t know it that there is a war going on in the US and it happens daily. People in my area have been killed taking out the garbage just because one of these precious little children thought it was fun. We will never, ever make progress in race relations as long as people like you excuse the actions of thugs, even if those thugs are little 14 year old girls in bikinis. But keep it up, you will continue with an underclass you can exploit.

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