Democrats Not Impressed By Obama’s “Trust Me” Approach To Trade Deal

Huh. Democrats suddenly understand what Republicans have been dealing with for over six years, when it comes to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) legislation

(The Hill) President Obama’s argument that Democrats should trust his vision on trade is falling flat on Capitol Hill.

Democrats — even some of Obama’s closest allies — say it’s not enough for the president to pronounce his trade agenda the most progressive in history.

The lawmakers want assurances that the agreements under negotiation, particularly a huge deal being finalized with Pacific Rim nations, will protect U.S. jobs — assurances many say they simply haven’t gotten.

“I take the president at his word that he believes … the argument he’s making, but I think he’s wrong,” Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) said Wednesday.

“The analysis I’ve done comes to a very different conclusion,” he added. “It’s clear that this will, in the long term, not result in the growth of American jobs and an increase in wages.”

There quite a few similar quotes from Democrats within the article, and have a long list of concerns. Legitimate concerns. More and more Democrats, particularly in the House, are leaning towards or saying specifically that they are a “Nay” vote. Republican House leaders are pushing the pact hard, but rank and file are not all falling in line.

Obama is offering his full support to Democrats who back him on trade and face blowback from unions and liberal groups in primary elections.

“Those who are concerned about it, I think, do take a lot of solace in knowing that they can count on the support of President Barack Obama in a Democratic primary if they need it,” Earnest said, noting that surveys show the president is “the most popular, influential and well-liked figure in Democratic politics.”

And that little bit of back scratching has many House Democrats upset, even livid. They’ve had his back on most things for over six years, and now he’s essentially doing a carrot and stick schtick. Back this, and I’ll help you. Don’t back me on this, and I’ll forget your name, and, hey, maybe I’ll back a Democrat to primary you.

The question is, is this a good trade bill? I’ll be the first to admit that I do not know enough to determine this. There are pros and cons, and an interesting con from Senator Bernie Sanders down in the links comments (hey, just because he’s a Socialist Democrat doesn’t mean he’s automatically wrong). There’s a long list of “wait a minutes” from Sanders, which should provide concern by all political/economic persuasions, while also noting that previous free trade pacts have seen American jobs and money flow out of the country. Put aside the name, Party, and political leanings of the Sanders, and read it as if a staunch Conservative wrote it, and see what you think.

Anyhow, it’s amusing that Democrats are finding out what Republicans have known for a long time: you can’t, and shouldn’t, simply take Obama’s word for it. Because he has broken that word time and time and time again.

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One Response to “Democrats Not Impressed By Obama’s “Trust Me” Approach To Trade Deal”

  1. RayGal says:

    This is rich: “…his trade agenda the most progressive in history.” We know the left loves to make history. Obama’s election is the crowning achievement of that history. So should we be surprised when Obama would make such a prediction about his trade deal? Of course not. Making history is no reason to do anything, again, using Obama’s coronation being the Triple Crown.
    We can only hope that the left doesn’t crumble in order to grant more power to the power-mad narcissist, the Poser on the Potomac, by-passing the Congressional amendment process. As he sees it, Congress would be left with merely an up/down option on his “deals”. But we know how, using his phone and pen, he and his army of lawyers would find a way around anything he disagrees with. His latest favorite saying: “The law is on our side”.

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