Excuse 14: Negative Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation phase

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(The Hockey Schtick) Matthew “say anything” England is back with a new paper which offers yet another excuse for the 17+ year pause in global warming: the negative phase of the natural Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation (IPO)  [excuse #14 by my count].

The paper comes hot on the heels of another paper by England et al claiming that the ‘pause’ was due to an entirely different mechanism of strengthened Pacific trade winds, but which was readily debunked by skeptics and apparently not even believed by England himself anymore as he now claims

“We further demonstrate that most non-volcanic hiatuses across CMIP5 models are associated with enhanced cooling in the equatorial Pacific linked to the transition to a negative [Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation] IPO phase.”

The natural IPO is a close cousin of the ~60 year Pacific Decadal Oscillation, but with a cycle of 15–30 years, and affects both the North and South Pacific.

Warmists want it both ways. They claim that all the warming of the (insert time period based on which argument they are making here) is mostly/solely caused by Mankind. Then they come up with all sorts of arguments for the Pause which tend to blame natural processes. Because this is a pseudo-religion, not science.

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