The Parameters Of Warming

Let’s go back to basics, shall we?

  1. I believe that the Earth has warmed since 1850: I know this as a scientific fact. The warming is about 1.4 Fahrenheit in that time frame
  2. CO2 has increased in that time. Some believe that the danger threshold was 350ppm. If so, then why did warming spikes occur prior to that metric? Why were multiple Holocene warm period periods warmer than the current one? What cause the end of the last glacial period (which, technically, is still occurring, since there are glaciers)? Could there not be a more natural explanation?
  3. I believe Man does play some small part in the warming, mostly from things other than CO2. Land use, UHI, agriculture, landfills, even ocean pollution and ozone depletion. Consider that it is a fact that much of the warming is occurring at night, or, I should say, we do not get the radiative cooling that should occur.
  4. Let’s skip all the other random thoughts, and go to the big one: the argument is not about warming, it is about causation. Period. I have had arguments, not discussion, argument, with folks on the Right who claim there has been no warming. They’re deluded. I don’t believe in Creationism, but I’m willing to listen to them (not believe them, mind you) because at least they are arguing from a religious POV. The scientific facts show warming.
  5. The argument is about what has caused the Modern Warm Period warming.
  6. And, finally, the Earth has warmed around 1.4F, but what has caused this to occur. This is the crux of the debate.

Oh, by the way, I’m arguing causation, not warming. Hope that clears it up.

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4 Responses to “The Parameters Of Warming”

  1. Mark E says:

    Humbly suggest that #4 be modified to reflect that it is really about Control of the populace

  2. Jeffery says:

    1.I don’t believe that the Earth has warmed since 1850: I know this as a scientific fact. The warming is about 1.4 Fahrenheit in that time frame

    “I don’t believe that the Earth has warmed since 1850:”… Is this what you meant to type??

  3. I fully understand what you’re saying, Mark. Thats what I usually highlight. In this case, I just wanted to highlight what Skeptics believe in terms of the warming.

    Thanks for pointing that out, Jeff. Fixed.

  4. Better_Be_Gumballs says:

    As you want to focus on causation, the silence is golden.

    CO2 by the CAGW’ers is not mentioned or noted prior to the 1950s. Yet, the late 1930s was HOT, but low CO2. The 60’s to 70’s was cooling, yet rising CO2.

    Go figure.

    I personally dont want to go back to the days of late 30s and the dust-bowl days. Nor do I want to relive the hot days of the Medieval Warm period. All hot temperatures when CO2 was as low as or lower than what the 350ppm crowd demands.

    OH… and the LIA also occurred when the CO2 was lower than 350ppm.

    Go figure.

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