Democrat Sugar Daddy Tom Steyer Is Massive Climahypocrite

But, then, aren’t most Warmists hypocrites? Some are just more hypocritical than others. What’s most shocking is that this article was published in the NY Times

To environmentalists across Australia, it is a baffling anachronism in an era of climate change: the construction of a 4,000-acre mine in New South Wales that will churn out carbon-laden coal for the next 30 years.

The mine’s groundbreaking, in a state forest this year, inspired a veteran to stand in front of a bulldozer and a music teacher to chain himself to a piece of excavation equipment.

But the project had an unlikely financial backer in the United States, whose infusion of cash helped set it in motion: Tom Steyer, the most influential environmentalist in American politics, who has vowed to spend $100 million this year to defeat candidates who oppose policies to combat climate change. (snip)

Over the past 15 years, Mr. Steyer’s fund, Farallon Capital Management, has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into companies that operate coal mines and coal-fired power plants from Indonesia to China, records and interviews show. (snip)

Mr. Steyer sold his ownership stake in Farallon in late 2012, but he has not cut ties with it entirely. He remains a passive investor, his aides said, though they declined to describe the size of his investment. Employees at Farallon screen out any fossil-fuel-related holdings from his portfolio, and he no longer earns a share of the profits from the fund, the aides said.

He made his money, and now he can be free to pretend to care about “climate change”. All those coal projects will last for 15-30 years, minimum, and Steyer can pretend he’s all sorts of concerned about “climate change”, much like how Al Gore can be “concerned”, despite selling Current TV to fossil fuels backed Al Jazeera. All while looking to shutter plants here in America, causing our cost of living to skyrocket while making energy more unstable. Of course

In interviews, several prominent environmentalists argued that Mr. Steyer’s unrivaled spending to support climate-change policies outweighed the impact of the carbon pollution unleashed by his past investments.

“This is precisely what we want people to do: sell investments in fossil fuels and get to work solving the problem of climate change,” said Bill McKibben, a founder of the group, which pushes financial institutions to divest from fossil fuels.

Of course many Warmist groups (who use lots of fossil fuels themselves) will forgive him: he’s pumping lots of cash into their causes.

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4 Responses to “Democrat Sugar Daddy Tom Steyer Is Massive Climahypocrite”

  1. Jeffery says:

    By your logic Hobby Lobby are abortihypocrites because their pension funds invest in contraceptive and “abortifacient” companies.

  2. Jeffery says:

    Unlike conservatives, individuals such as Mr. Steyer change their behaviors when confronted with new information.

    Ironic that monies earned in part by investment in fossil fuels are now being used against the industry and their compliant politicians.

  3. Jay says:

    If he had shut down the coal mine and took a loss of millions of dollars, I could see saying that he had changed his mind and was now doing what he believed was right despite the personal cost. But that isn’t what he did at all. He continues to profit from the same activities that he condemns.

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