Fighting Hotcoldwetdry Is What Independence Day Is About!

This is the kind of stuff that I missed out on without cable services at home (idiot neighbor ran into junction box, cutting cable. Nice of them to tell me, eh? Kudos to the Time Warner Cable guy, who went above and beyond, not just fixing that, but, replacing other things and tuning up my service). Here’s Robert Redford

Addressing Climate Change Should Inspire Patriotism, Not Gridlock

Heading into the July 4th celebration of America’s independence got me thinking about when it comes to huge challenges we’ve faced as a nation, we have a rich and storied history of aspirational spirit and belief in what we, together, can accomplish.

Are we losing this quintessentially American drive for excellence? Have we stopped believing in ourselves? Sometimes it feels that way when one tries to parse the political rhetoric barreling at us day in and day out.

So, if you don’t rise to the occasion of solving “climate change”, you’re now unpatriotic.

This, and the rest of Redford’s missive, could easily inspire a giant, mega post. But, hey, why bother? These people are loons. And hypocrites. This is straight from the Progressive playbook. Funny how they never seem to realize that insulting people with opposing views will always cause them to not only not take action, but dig their heels in and go the opposite way.

Meanwhile, Noah Rothman covers a Duke professor who is calling for “real conflict” over inequity and “climate change”. Wouldn’t that require guns, which the Left hates?

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2 Responses to “Fighting Hotcoldwetdry Is What Independence Day Is About!”

  1. Jeffery says:

    If it had been written in a much more inflammatory and threatening manner and with poor grammar, Mr. Redford’s piece could have been part of Tea Party manifesto. Read on:

    “Could it be, as they (politicians) chest-thump their patriotic credentials, that some of those leaders in Washington have given up on American’s ability to rise to the occasion? I’ve come to believe that they’re simply out of touch with the ingenuity of average Americans and innovative leaders all across the country — who thankfully decided years ago not to wait for DC…

    … So as we move toward the July 4th holiday, if you really look beyond DC, you’ll see that all across this great country, people have risen to the challenge at hand, showing us that America has definitely still got it.”

    So except for his urging action on global warming, we all agree. Are you really upset and feel he was insulting you personally when he criticized the do-nothing Congress? He certainly didn’t call you unpatriotic for being a climate Denier, only that it was patriotic to work toward mitigating climate change.

    Why must you and the Coven always be victims?

  2. Better_Be_Gumballs says:

    And again, J is wrong. He tries to transfer liberal Communist motives for those of the patriotic conservative right.

    No one except your commie buddies believes this. Even typical liberals understand the difference between conservative and liberal these days.

    There used to be very little distinction in the early days with libertians being further right than conservatives. But, the communists wrapped themselves in the mantle of the “liberal” mantle and stole it. It no longer means what it once meant. Much like the word “gay”. And from what I’ve seen, homosexuals are far from being gay.

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