Dem Sugar Daddy Tom Steyer Wants To Penalize People Who Add To Climate Risk

So, will this mean he’ll voluntarily penalize himself?

( Speaking in New York City last week, Wall Street billionaire Tom Steyer laid clear his vision for penalizing people whose actions may contribute to climate change.

“We need to reward people whose behavior reduces climate risk and penalize people who add to it,” said Steyer “If we can get this right, I think there’s no doubt that our economy is going to continue to do very well.”

Huh. How did he get to NYC when he lives in the San Francisco area? Fossil fueled air travel? Did he walk from the airport to the meeting? Isn’t he exactly the kind of person who adds to “climate risk” and should be penalized?

A Wall Street baron, Steyer’s words are not to be taken lightly. Deemed the ‘liberal answer to the Koch Brothers, he’s one of the richest businessman in the United States and played a key part in raising millions of dollars to elect Barack Obama in 2008 once Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic nomination.

He met with the president this week to discuss what the White House could do to tackle climate change, and how “insurance industry’s role in helping American communities prepare for extreme weather and other impacts of climate change,” according to Reuters.

Another fossil fueled flight?

Powerline pointed out the rank hypocrisy of Tom Steyer. He’s made lots of money on coal and fossil fuels interests. He flies all around the country and world, surely drives in nice limos, lives a big 1%er life (funny how the Occupy supporters ignore this in wanting his money), and now he wants to use the power of government to compel Other People to act in an approved manner. Why, yes, yes this is part of the Progressive (nice fascism) playbook.

You can see a full size at National Center Blog. I’ll let Tom have one of his people fill it out.

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One Response to “Dem Sugar Daddy Tom Steyer Wants To Penalize People Who Add To Climate Risk”

  1. Better_Be_Gumballs says:

    Yeah, isn’t it ironic. Here the commies are attacking groups and individuals like the Koch Brothers and Heritage Foundation for their advocacy and “money in politics” and yet are completely in the bed with Steyer and his money.

    Evil outside influence my ass. Pot=kettle.

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