Obama Tells Dems To Make Mid-terms “Sexy”

This is the world Obama lives in

(The Hill) President Obama warned that Democrats often get into trouble during the midterm elections because state-level races aren’t as “sexy” as national presidential elections during a meeting with Democratic governors and party donors Thursday night.

“We know how to win national elections,” Obama said. “But all too often it’s during these midterms where we end up getting ourselves into trouble because, I guess we don’t think it’s sexy enough.”

The people in Kiev and Venezuela were not amused. But, hey, Obama made a wishy-washy comment, so his job is done. Back to campaigning

(The Wilderness) Why is this President, elected because of a hope he promised in front of the world, so content to sit it out instead?

Is he bored? Does massive public upheaval not interest him if it does not serve his political ends? Does it remind him that everything is in fact, not awesome?

Make sure to read the entire awesome article, a pure indictment of the Social Media President.

During the meeting at a luxury hotel near the White House, Obama said that while those at the top were doing better in recent years, the middle class was still getting squeezed. He said voters understood his policy proposals, including ObamaCare and the minimum wage, were the right thing to do.

It’s apparently “sexy” to push Obamacare, which has caused millions to lose their plans and have to get new plans which are, if not more expensive via the premiums (someone else has to pay the rest), much more expensive for the deductibles, with reduced networks. Maybe turning America into Welfare Nation is sexy?

What upsets Obama is the large numbers of state governorships and/or general assemblies won by the GOP since 2010. Democrats have made national politics an art form over the past 30 years, forgetting about local politics to some degree. And he knows the Dems will most likely lose the Senate in 2014, so retaking the executive and/or general assemblies in the states would allow him to push his absurd Obamacare law forward. That’s sexy or something. Presidential Leadership in the Age Of Obama.

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4 Responses to “Obama Tells Dems To Make Mid-terms “Sexy””

  1. Jeffery says:


    Have you pledged never to use or collect any federal dollars? No Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security or unemployment payments? Until you do – until you back your beliefs with actions – it’s hard to take any of your economic arguments seriously, in the face of your blatant hypocrisy.

    The moment you take one cent, your arguments are rendered moot.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    The moment you take one cent, your arguments are rendered moot.

    This is the sad, desperate little argument from someone who is a hypocrite on global warming.

    Even the most casual reader can see a difference between making voluntary life style changes in order to support a cause like “global warming” and getting money back from the government after the government has reached into your pocket and taken the product of your labor away from you.

    Support the global warming cult through actions: voluntary.
    Support the tax actions of the government: involuntary.

    Somehow liberals see the actions of the government taking money from people as “voluntary” on the part of the individuals.

    Once again, we see how clueless liberals are.

  3. […] If you only have time to read one more article today finish reading this one. It perfectly sums up this presidency. Every place in the world is worse off after 5 years of Obama’s “leadership.” He’s not interested in foreign policy. He’s busy with other things. He only takes time off from his fun and games to sign some executive orders and deliver tired old campaign speeches. Oh, and to delay major parts of Obamacare, which he probably thinks is sexy. […]

  4. jl says:

    As said above and mentioned here numerous times, do you not see where Medicare and Social Security taxes are taken from your paycheck? “Have you never pledged to use federal dollars?” Those would be our dollars, Mr. low information voter.

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