Rules For Watching The Super Bowl

This goes, really for watching almost all sports, but especially a championship game

  1. Ladies, imagine all you want to do is soak in a tub, with scented candles, soft music, the lights down low. No one is to bother you unless it is a category 5 issue. Yeah, that’s the way we feel about watching sports, especially championship games
  2. Guys who aren’t sports fans, well, well, I’m not sure about your “bathtub place”, but imagine it. And zip it.
  3. Now is not the time to “discuss X”. No talk about your Aunt Betty’s nephews cousins school play. Nothing about chores. Whatever it is, It Can Wait.
  4. Wait till commercial to ask what just happened in the game
  5. Now is not the time to ask about the rules
  6. Do NOT ask out opinion on something: you might actually get it!
  7. No matter what that thought is, see rules 1-3

Glamour Magazine also offers up 9 rules for watching with guys, including

  • RESPECT THE SPORT – “Do not criticize. If the rules don’t make sense at first, don’t give the ‘that’s dumb’ response.”
  • SHOW OR FEIGN INTEREST – you expect us to do this while you look at handbags and shoes. This is a 2 way street

And more from Eric Robinson

  • Please do not stand in front of the television if you want something.
  • If you want something, the best time to ask for it is after a nice victory from our favorite team.
  • Please don’t expect us to eat or do anything healthy on Sunday.
  • Don’t EVER say the words “You love your stupid football game more than me.”

Do you have any rules?

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2 Responses to “Rules For Watching The Super Bowl”

  1. Mike G. says:

    Yeah…don’t gloat if her team makes a bonehead play or loses, but on the other hand, take her gloating in good nature if your team loses. I hate watching sports with my wife, lol.

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